January 2018 ///

Special Focus

Well control trends and mitigation tools: A technology update

Mohamed Amer

Improving oil prices have brought increased drilling and production, but also well control failures, due to reduced quality assurance and shortages of competent personnel. Embedding lessons learned from these events, along with integrated use of technology and specialized expertise, can mitigate well control risks.

Operational flexibility, contingency planning are vital in solving well control issues

Ken Davis, John Fu

Well control response can be described in several different ways, but “routine” is almost never associated. The unique nature of the well control process, its ever-changing obstacles, and on-the-fly adjustments are required to reach a solution.


Tackling uncertainty in predicting casing collapse in HPHT wells

Gang Tao

Calculating the collapse strength of casing installed in HPHT wells is challenging due to the complexity of the casing’s geometrical and mechanical properties, as well as the loading conditions that can impact overall performance.

New data transfer protocol improves drilling support and safety

Thomas Halland, Kjell Inge Meisal, Ted Abramsen, Peter Morrison

Using a new protocol, a WITSML pilot project has shown significantly faster data transmission from an offshore wellsite to an onshore operations center. The updated standard has the potential to considerably improve operational support and reduce personnel trips to the rig.

Digital transformation with Smart Transform methodology: One NOC’s journey

Dr. Ngo Huu Hai, Dr. Nguyen Hai An, Mr. Tran Trung Kien, Ding Trong Huy, Pham Trung Nghia, Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Shashank Panchangam

Digital transformation is helping Petrovietnam to grow as an NOC, while extracting economic value from unstructured data.

Advanced frac fluid chemistry helps boost Wolfcamp IP rates

Jerry Noles, Troy Bishop, Neal Hageman

A HVFR polymer bridges the gap between slickwater and cross-linked fracs.

Regional Report: Eastern Mediterranean

Emily Querubin

Eastern Mediterranean region are beginning to increase E&P activity and were able to bring several key projects on stream in 2017.

Reducing gas flaring delivers economic and environmental benefits

Brian Cebull

Mobile, modular systems capable of capturing natural gas are enabling operators to develop profitable outlets for NGL and conditioned field gas, while reducing emissions and helping companies comply with environmental regulations.

Casing while drilling eliminates off-bottom events in a CO<sub>2</sub> flooded area

Nicholas Mawford

When formations in the northwestern Permian basin presented well integrity challenges and geological uncertainties, Tesco evaluated options for successfully reaching TD. Using casing while drilling, the company completed the job in less time and helped the operator learn how to save money on future wells in the region.

Canadian Shales: More wells in ‘18, but full recovery remains elusive

Jim Redden

The winter drilling season in the diverse shale plays scattered throughout the western Canada sedimentary basin (WCSB), is shaping up to be the busiest in three years.


First Oil

Kurt Abraham

Daylight appears for 2018

Energy Issues

William J. Pike

Can industry accept digitalization?

What's New in Exploration

William (Bill) Head

2018: The best [or worst] year ever?

Drilling Advances

Jim Redden

Spend $1, save a dime

What's New in Production

Don Francis

May you live in interesting times

Offshore in Depth

Ron Bitto

Seven items that will impact the industry in 2018

Executive Viewpoint

Dr. Nansen G. Saleri

The battle for kilowatts: What will it take to win?

The Last Barrel

Craig Fleming

Familiar cyclic circumstances set to unfold in 2018 and beyond

News & Resources

World of Oil & Gas

Emily Querubin

Alongside its partners, Petoro (30%) and Spirit Energy (20%), Wintershall (50%) announced the start of production at Maria field.

Industry at a Glance

Craig Fleming

Crude climbed to its highest level in two-and-a-half years after an EIA report showed that U.S. stockpiles fell for a seventh consecutive week.

People in the Industry

Emily Querubin

A prominent retired executive and advocate of the upstream industry, Paul Lance Kelly passed away on Dec. 16, 2017, in Houston.

Companies in the News

Emily Querubin

TAM International has opened a new manufacturing facility in Obninsk, Russia—approximately 70 mi southwest of Moscow.

New Products and Services

Alex Endress

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) recently launched the Rolligon dry additive mix unit, which uses a custom-designed mixer to pre-mix the gel powder with water on the fly, giving optimum gel quaity even at high rates.