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Baker Hughes has globally commercialized its SureTrak steerable drilling liner service, which is designed to drill and evaluate complex, 3D wells, while simultaneously installing a liner. The service reduces the technical and economic risks associated with drilling and completing wells in low-pressure zones, unstable shale and coal layers, and formations with variable flows and pressures. In conventional drilling operations, it is necessary to pull the drillstring before running the casing or liner into the borehole. The SureTrak service uses proven rotary steerable drilling and liner-drilling technologies, including the Baker Hughes AutoTrak rotary steerable system and modular logging-while-drilling and measurement-while-drilling systems, to drill, evaluate and install a liner to total depth in one run. The SureTrak steerable drilling liner service was developed to address operational challenges, such as narrow drilling margins, borehole collapse and lost circulation in a safe, economical way. The service enhances wellbore integrity and minimizes formation damage. It does not require any special rig equipment.

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