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Drilling and gravel-packing sinusoidal wells

A unique ‘four-well equivalent’ geometry efficiently maximized reservoir contact in an interbedded sand and shale formation. Completing these wells, however, presented considerable challenges.

Horizontal drilling above a steamflooded reservoir

A California operator found that its thermal production program using vertical wells improved heavy oil mobility in a shallower, low-permeability zone, enabling improved productivity using horizontal wells.


Continuum model predicts shale shaker performance

Parametric studies were conducted to show how particle diameter, tilt angle and cake porosity affect shale shaker capacity. Particle diameters and porosities were shown to have considerable effects on performance, but the particle size does not have a significant effect on the screen length.

Developing technology for long-term energy supply by funding R&D

Research efforts are focused on technologies for unconventional gas, ultradeep water and HPHT, and in support of small producers.

Eagle FordTexas' dark-horse resource play picks up speed

It was big news in March when the Haynesville shale of Texas and Louisiana surpassed the nearby Barnett, in Texas’ Dallas-Fort Worth area, as the most productive shale play.

From intuition to statistics in building subsurface structural models

Combining forward trishear models with stochastic global optimization algorithms allows a quantitative assessment of the uncertainty associated with a given structural model.

Review of screen-out in horizontal well fracturing

Technically, screen-out refers to a condition where continued injection of fluid inside the fracture requires pressures in excess of the safe limitations of the wellbore or wellhead equipment.

What’s new in well logging and formation evaluation

New developments include an ultrasonic wireline imager, an electromagnetic free-point indicator, wired and fiber-optic coiled tubing systems and extreme-temperature LWD tools.

With extensive offshore, coal seam and shale gas resources, Australia is poised to become a leading LNG supplier to Asia-Pacific markets

The Asia-Pacific region is divided into nations of energy “haves” and “have-nots.” Japan and South Korea are highly industrialized nations with virtually no oil and gas resources.


Drilling advances

A new slant to what constitutes drilling efficiency

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