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Special Focus

A practical live migration strategy for upgrading safety systems

Significant cost savings can be gained, with minimal disruption to facility operations, using careful design and proper implementation.

Improving drilling safety in deep water

In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon accident, operators must adapt to new drilling rules in the Gulf of Mexico. Both industry health and US energy security depend on the outcome.


Business as usual in Russia, despite the financial crisis

The country’s large oil and gas companies emerged from the crisis largely unscathed, though they were forced to cut investments. Uncertainty about demand in Europe and the FSU has Russia looking east for new markets.

Deepwater Operations: Steady as she goes

Majors, independents and NOCs are maintaining a respectable pace of deepwater activity in Southeast Asia, from securing PSCs
and conducting appraisals to drilling and production. 

Deepwater Operations: Successful realization of gas liquefaction projects in Southeast Asia

LNG projects in the region have the advantage of large nearby markets, but must also demonstrate high standards of technical efficiency and reliability to succeed.

Improving resource access through strategic innovation

Eni’s head of upstream technology development discusses proprietary solutions for integrated projects in the developing world and meeting the challenges of sustainable operations.

New rubber parts improve roller-cone bit performance at high temperatures

While drilling a geothermal prospect in Australia, rubber bit components containing fluorine drilled longer intervals, had longer drilling times and experienced less compression set than conventional components.

Rotary steerable drilling improves deployment of advanced completion

Minimizing tortuosity and hole rugosity reduced the time and cost to run openhole, multistage completion technology associated with increased production.

Understanding uncertainty in CSEM

Resolution and uncertainty of inverting CSEM remote sensing data can now be estimated using Bayesian statistics.


Drilling advances

Operators get a new tool to rate their HSE impact

Editorial comment

The good, the bad and the ugly

Innovative thinkers

The creative art of designing a rig floor

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Russia, BP, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and state capitalism

What’s new in exploration

Using new technologies to explore continental China

What's new in production

Supply and demand. Lots and lots of demand

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Companies in the news

Industry at a glance

Oil markets turned significantly stronger in October on higher-than-expected demand, lower OECD inventories and a weaker dollar.

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Meetings and Events

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People in industry

World of Oil and Gas

Diamond Offshore Drilling has ordered an ultra-deepwater drillship from Hyudai Heavy Industries, with delivery scheduled for Q2 2013.