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Embedding the aviation mindset in the oil and gas industry

GE Oil & Gas President and CEO Claudi Santiago’s vision is to raise the safety and reliability standards of oilfield equipment to those of the airline industry.

Mathematical model using machine learning boosts output offshore China

A “black box” simulation of several shallow-water oil wells producing to a single platform revealed that the field’s maximum production rate could be increased by 5%.

Test methodology to ensure adequacy of barium sulfate scale treatment

In a Permian Basin case study, scale stress testing provided a more accurate assessment of scale inhibitor effectiveness, enabling optimization of a waterflood program and enhancing asset integrity.

Year in review and preview for US oilpatch

Broadly speaking: Oil good, natural gas bad. As gas prices hovered around $4.40/Mcf in 2010, crude oil prices averaged $88/bbl, higher than many expected as global economic recovery took hold and non-OPEC supply growth remained tepid.


Management of legacy data aids E&P efforts in Oman

Compiling historical well and field data into a consistent, easily accessible electronic format has saved PDO substantial project time and costs, and has increased user confidence in the data upon which critical decisions are made.

Simulation workflow for a fractured reservoir aids CO2 flood planning

Existing technology and methods can quantitatively integrate geophysical, geological and engineering data to develop reservoir models for fractured reservoirs. Such a workflow was used to model the Tensleep reservoir in Wyoming.

The current state of PDC bit technology

Part 3 of 3: Improvements in material properties and testing methods are being pursued to make PDC the cutter of choice for an increasing variety of applications.

US fleet stabilizes as activity rebounds

While rig utilization rates continue to climb and newbuilds enter the North American market, other census numbers yield mixed results.

West Africa thrives as world’s deepwater crude oil factory

Majors and a few independents have established an assembly line of mega-projects that span the E&P cycle from exploration to improved recovery.


Drilling advances

E &P sector embracing RFID technology

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Science, sound and serendipity, from geophysics to hip hop

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Climate change: Maybe, but in which direction?

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Benchmark crude futures were range-bound in September but by early October had breached the $80/bbl mark.

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GCC production to increase in 2011