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Canadian producers put dismal 2009 behind them

On the heels of the toughest year for the Canadian oilpatch this decade, producers are hoping for better times ahead.

Despite legislative successes, increased federal regulation threatens US oil and gas

Industry lobbyists blocked provisions that would have hampered commercial hedging, and cap-and-trade may be DOA. But recent decisions by the EPA and the Interior Department could still make 2010 a rough year for E&P.

Few US oil wells gained in 2009

Vol. 231 No. 2    OUTLOOK 2010 PRODUCING OIL WELLS Few US oil wells gained in 2009 The total number of producing oil wells in the US stayed relatively flat over 2009 in the low-price environment of the first half of the year and the partial recovery of the second

Global E&P capital expenditures to increase 11%

E&P expenditures in the US are indicated to rise by 12%, a somewhat surprising magnitude given weak natural gas fundamentals.

Global E&P weathers the storm

Outside the US, Canadian drilling fell by half in 2009, but other countries saw a decrease of less than 500 wells. For 2010, expect an increase of 6.7% in wells drilled.

Increasing supply options and stagnant demand spell low gas prices

Fuel switching to gas for electrical generation will try to keep the market afloat as more shale gas and LNG come onstream.

New decade, new challenges: The harsh reality of unsustainable oil markets

And what the fundamentals say about 2009.

Rig count to see a slow, steady recovery

Rig count to see a slow, steady recovery

Signs of better times ahead

U.S. Drilling

US gas wells see over 5% growth

Producing Gas Wells

US oil output sees biggest jump since Eisenhower administration

U.S Production


Custom high-density fracturing fluid design developed for tight gas wells in Saudi Arabia

The first application of the fluid, which has the ability to be mixed at different densities using freshwater or field water, proved successful.

Flow-through tests advance researchers’ understanding of asphaltene deposition

Among other findings, the results suggest that deposition occurs mostly at initial contact with equipment surfaces.

LWD suite opens new opportunities for real-time trajectory and stratigraphic control in deep, HPHT wells

A project in northern Italy demonstrates how the benefits of LWD can be extended to deep, hot wells.

Spotlight on National Oil Comapnies: Managing through the cycle

Vol. 231 No. 2    SPOTLIGHT ON NATIONAL OIL COMPANIES Managing through the cycle Partnerships between NOCs, and among NOCs and IOCs, present great opportunities for the industry to work toward addressing the world’s longer-term energy issues. Andy Brogan, E

Spotlight on National Oil Companies: NOCs scour the globe for increased reserves

NOCs command about 90% of known oil reserves and about 75% of natural gas resources, but many are still striving to expand their presence globally.

Potential of downhole gravity gradiometry for reservoir management

Working with National Oil Companies

Substantial future LNG supply secured

A good deal of the regasification capacity commissioned in 2009 is destined to sit underutilized until gas demand recovers from the economic downturn.

VOC/HAP emission limits in the Rockies: Challenges and controls

Separation technologies are unable to remove dissolved hydrocarbon compounds that may represent a large portion of volatile organics.


Drilling advances

Time for US politicos to take a road trip


Editorial comment

US operators unfazed by political rhetoric

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

What the experts have to say about the Philippine upstream sector

What’s new in exploration

The meaning of seismic amplitude

What's new in production

Inject electricity and pump more oil?


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Crude oil prices rose to a 15-month high in early January as a result of very cold winter temperatures in much of the Northern Hemisphere and escalating geopolitical tensions in key oil producing countries.

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Egypt reveals $3 billion drilling plans for 2010

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