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Drilling vibration has been identified by many operators as the leading cause of non-productive time, ranging from simple drilling inefficiencies to twisting off the drillstring due to fatigue failure. Premature bit, downhole drive system and logging tool failures have all been attributed to dynamic conditions, such as bit whirl, pipe whirl and stick-slip. Rather than address these issues individually, ReedHycalog has adopted a more holistic, process-orientated methodology. ReedHycalog Drilling Dynamics Solutions attack this problem by prediction, mitigation and validation. Prediction of drillstring behavior is achieved through VibraSCOPE drillstring dynamics modeling software. The user enters the details of the drillstring and BHA and imposes a force input. The software predicts those parameters that will likely cause resonant axial, lateral and torsional vibrations. The output identifies critical weight and rpm ranges that avoid resonance and reduce the risk of initiating damaging vibrations. From the predictions come recommendations from solutions packages, including Demanding Drilling Solutions...

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