Successful identification of depleted sands using formation testing while drilling ///

In the last two years, Formation Testing While Drilling (FTWD) tools have emerged as an alternative to Wireline Formation Testers (WFTs) in different applications. The latest generation of FTWD tools uses a probe-packer design, similar to conventional wireline formation testers. These tools are deployed on the drillstring and can be used during the drilling process. For example, pressure tests can be taken shortly after a zone has been drilled or while tripping out of the hole after reaching target depth. Acquiring a pressure test with the latest generation of FTWD tools requires that the drillstring be stationary for about 10–15 minutes in either a circulating or non-circulating mode. The operator used an FTWD tool on a highly deviated well in Brunei to identify hydraulic conductivity between producing zones and two nearby aquifers. Data from other sands, which were of interest because they were thought to be depleted, was also acquired.

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