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Special Focus

Achieving zero accidents in marine stimulation vessels

Thanks to application of a safety culture, two vessels operated in Brazil's Campos basin for two consecutive years without any accidents.

Careful BHA selection, adaptive practices help drill difficult salt

In a deepwater Gulf of Mexico well, real-time drilling data allowed quick action to be taken, to control vibration in an intermediate section.

Deepwater statistical report: Global reserves discovered have decreased, while finding costs increase

Since 2002, the trend has held steady, with over 30 billion boe discovered, although 2006 was an exception, when a number of large finds was made.

First subsea dual-ESP development tied back to an FPSO

From the first well to the last, Santos saved 30% of normal completion time by batch-installing field completions at Mutineer-Exeter field, off Australia.

FPSO moves into the Gulf of Mexico

While Petrobras launches the first deepwater FPSO in the US Gulf, six years after regulators first approved the concept, a Pemex FPSO has already begun production closer to home.

New seismic seafloor acquisition technology offerings proliferate

Explorationists and reservoir engineers will have more choices for more applications, although 4D is still the most likely use.

Short-order re-design of an intelligent completion offshore Nigeria

The Okwori subsea development used expandable sand screens and intelligent control to overcome a key component failure.

Slip-based landing string system expands limit for deepwater casing

A re-engineered system has pushed the lifting limit to 2 million pounds and beyond.


Dry coating resin systems applied to Adriatic gas well completions

Increasing awareness of the value of dry-coated resins, when applied to proppants, should further their use.

Geophysical imaging technology provides insight on EOR practices

To optimize oil production, two technologies monitor fluid movement.

Iraqi oil reserves show great potential

Iraq shows the greatest promise among Middle Eastern producers for adding significant reserves and production.

KOC turns a mutt into a thoroughbred

After watching output from one well drop to zero, Kuwait Oil Co. used a customized multi-frac job to bring it back to life.

Rapid progress in expandable liners and single diameter well construction

Rapid growth in expandable tubular usage continues. Long expanding casing runs are becoming routine. Single diameter wells will become a reality soon.

RFIDs for drilling and completion

Marathon has far more innovative uses for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags than inventory control or property access.

Technical limit thinking produces steep learning curve

Implementation reduced the number of days to drill a well from almost 100 to below 60 in Saih Rawl field, Oman.

What's new in expandable technology?

Five companies share experience and new applications for expandable systems.


Editorial comment

Al Gore meets King Hubbert

Exploration discoveries

A major gas field was discovered in Sichuan province, southwest China.

Oil and gas in the capitals

Russian-US rhetorical jabs may mean many things

What's new in production

To handle greater output, pipeline projects abound

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Violence to oil installations in Nigeria triggered an overall cut in May OPEC supply by 425,000 bopd

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