August 2007 ///

Special Focus

Mexico ponders cross-border strategy for deepwater GOM fields

Mexico-US boundary treaty set no agreement for border-field development.

North American drilling: Growing, but at a slowing rate

The boom continues, although at a more leisurely pace than originally anticipated for the year.

North American offshore rig market's spotlight shifts to international waters

US Gulf demand is expected to rise into 2008, while its rig supply continues to drop.

Small E&P firms to determine direction of US land market in 2007

While large E&P companies involved in exploitation of unconventional reserves continue employing a large number of rigs, small firms, more prone to seasonal behavior, will direct overall trends for the year.


“Farming" late-generation natural gas shows potential

An ultra-shallow glacial aquifer in South Dakota provides perspectives on microbial methane systems in the eastern Great Plains, USA.

Coalbed methane activity cools off

North American CBM drilling has leveled out, and drilling is expected to drop over 22% in 2007.

ESP deployed via riser to subsea well

An innovative solution to slugging and liquid loading in the Gulf of Mexico increased well production 150%, and may increase overall recovery by 35%.

Establishing reserves for unconventional oil: Reason vs. definition

Unconventional reserves often fall into the category of undeveloped. But does that mean they aren't proved? Or that they never will be developed?

Helicopter market forecast sees major change

Constraints from increasing transport distances and operator's desire for new equipment may limit drilling projects without prior planning.

Keeping fines in their place to maximize inflow performance

Laboratory and field results suggest that sand control and fines migration mitigation can be overcome with formation analysis, treatment design and execution.

Maximizing liquid sales from tank batteries

A quick review of how proper stock tank setup, care and maintenance can save you money.

North Sea activity remains sound

Continued strong prices are attracting greater investment. Thus, exploration is increasing, as operators look for new reserves to stem production declines.

Reservoir formation failure and sanding prediction for well-construction and completion design

Two North Sea fields overcame sanding problems after detailed rock mechanic analysis and completion designs tailored to the reservoirs' limits.

Systematic bias in EIA oil price forecasts: Concerns and consequences

Is the forecasting model wrong? Outdated? Is the last decade an anomaly? And can price forecasting be improved?

Understanding naphthenate salt issues in oil production

These troublesome solids, formed when oil-soluble naphthenic acids come in contact with high-pH produced water, cause tight emulsions, ragged interfaces, organic deposition and, ultimately, separation difficulties.


Drilling advances

Is oil slowing down yet?

Editorial comment

Oil demand and prices

Exploration discoveries

Five major discoveries were made in Africa during June 2007, four offshore West Africa and one onshore Uganda.

Oil and gas in the capitals

Déjà  vu all over again

What's new in exploration

The Fayetteville Shale play: An early evaluation

What's new in production

Biosurfactants, a potential “holy grail" for EOR

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In its Short Term Energy Outlook, the US-based EIA predicted that global oil demand will increase by 2.9 million bpd

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Vol. 228 No. 8   Meeting & events   AUGUST IADC , Well Control Conference of the Americas & Exhibition, Moody Gardens Hotel, Galveston, T

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Nuclear shutdown may boost Japanese demand