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Special Focus

Bugan field gas management controls four producing zones

An integrated solution uses reservoir surveillance and intelligent wells to reduce uncertainties about compartmentalization, deliverability and vertical communication.

Closing the loop on intelligent wells

Operators are realizing that automation of wells with intelligent systems can lead to field-wide efficiencies beyond what is achieved in standard practice.

JIP seeks to identify value of intelligent well systems

On behalf of industry sponsors, a university-led project is developing ways to recognize, quantify and increase added value from intelligent well systems.

Multi-zone, multi-sensor intelligent WAG injector

An intelligently completed dual-injection well offshore Norway uses optical flowmeters and downhole control valves.


Global Petroleum Show adds new features

In addition to the latest technology on exhibition, one of the world's largest oil and gas events will feature keynote speakers and a Heavy Oil Forum.

Imaging beneath basalt using an over-under towed-streamer configuration

Imaging, using vertically paired streamers and sometimes paired sources, can be better for acoustically fast formations, such as those found in the Faeroes basin.

Part 2 - What's new in artificial lift

Part 2—Fourteen downhole and surface system developments from 11 companies are reviewed for ESP and other artificial lift-related operations.

Winning the battle against unwanted production

Part 1 of this three-part comprehensive review of Conformance Engineering looks at the process of understanding the problem and generating a solution.

Special Report

Deepwater Technology: Taking the fast track: Streamlining major deepwater projects

When there is sufficient reservoir knowledge, and a previous project can serve as a model, fast-tracking can help companies to make good decisions quickly.


Drilling advances

I'm calling the bit, anybody seen a phone?

Editorial Comment

It depends on what you call oil, Part 2

International Politics

Despite recent scandals, lobbyists are a necessary evil

What's new in production

Recent spills highlight benefits of pre-planning and corrosion control

What's new in exploration

Unusual dating technique sheds light on Antarctic past

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Acquisitions, mergers, ventures and other company news

Industry at a glance

Non-OECD demand increased by an estimated 3.6% in 2005 versus 2004, and an increase of 3% is expected in 2006.

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New product and service offerings from company press releases.

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Personnel changes and promotions in the petroleum industry

World of Oil

International news in the oil and gas industry.


Understanding flowline-riser system operability

Slug flow in risers can be a vexing problem. Understanding and predicting it can improve production and safety for operators