July 2006 ///

Special Focus

Monodiameter wells continue to expand possibilities

These wells will eventually become commercially common.

Suppliers show progress in expandables innovation

Operators are embracing the latest developments and uses for expandables.


Aluminum alloy tubulars for the oil and gas industry

A new option for challenging wells emerges from Russia.

Competing for talent in the oil patch

Employee recruitment and retention does not focus solely on compensation issues.

Conformance Engineering: A comprehensive review

Part 3: The proper solution is benefit analysis.

Extending the operational window during Gulf of Mexico Loop currents

Horizontal-reach technology overcomes downtime, riser wear.

Floatover installation succeeds for Nan Bao 35-2 topsides

A challenging float-over project paves the way for additional installations.

High prices boost North Sea region

High prices, creative licensing and new technologies boost activity and spending.

Magnolia field's trapped annulus pressure solved

A serious GOM deepwater development problem required multiple solutions.

Real-time drillstring telemetry passes final tests

Satisfying field test milestones, ultra-fast data transmission is ready to go commercial.

Wide- and multi-azimuth acquisition: Issues and answers

Gathering, processing and interpreting data must be cost-effective.

Special Report

Deepwater Technology: Drilling and completion innovations deliver world-class results in Angola

Organization, new technologies and a practical design approach carry the day.

Deepwater Technology: Fishing in the subsea BOP

A small fish that resulted from a DP disconnect was recovered uniquely.

Deepwater Technology: The K2 project: GOM challenges solved from a drilling engineer's perspective

Shallow-water flows, 10,000 ft of salt and hurricanes were among the challenges.

Petroleum Technology Digest: Hydraulic diaphragm electric submersible pump improves completion design, lowers lifting costs

Hydraulic diaphragm ESPs, used in place of conventional beam pumps in Kentucky strippers, have resulted in reduced well servicing and fewer days of lost output.


Drilling advances

A wise man will heed these drilling proverbs

Editorial Comment

Mathematical illiteracy reigns; pollution fights global warming

International Politics

An EU-Russian gap on energy issues grows

What's new in production

China's thirst for oil prompts an expansive search

What's new in exploration

Remote sensing pinpoints volcanic eruptions; oil droplets aid geologic timing

News & Resources

Companies in the news


Acquisitions, mergers, ventures and other company news

Industry at a glance

EIA’s latest estimate of 2006 world oil demand is 84.9 million bpd.

New products


New product and service offerings from company press releases.

People in industry


Personnel changes and promotions in the petroleum industry

World of Oil

International News in the Oil and Gas Industry.


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