January 2004 ///

Special Focus

Controlling sabotaged oil wells in a war zone: Between Iraq and a hard place

Boots & Coots controlled nine wells in the first 45 days of the Iraqi war. Killing and stinging operations on two wildly burning wells in South Rumalia field are described

Hydraulic snubbing unit works over, recovers well after blowout

After capping a blowout at the surface, crews successfully recovered most of a wellbore, allowing the operator to sidetrack and re-drill a well to TD at reduced cost


An innovative approach to development drilling in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico

An overview of decisions/ resulting operations by Anadarko Petroleum in development well drilling on its Marco Polo field in 4,300-ft water, from rig selection to wellhead design

Petroleum Technology Digest: Internet data rooms save dollars, increase marketing efficiency

New software allows upstream asset buyers to simultaneously view data and prospect details from their offices while saving the seller and marketer promotional costs

Solutions for large-scale, full-volume wave equation migration

A new migration technique quickly generates full-volume iterations during model building, and its speed and efficiency justify a small sacrifice in precision

Special Report

2004 Tubing Tables

World Oil’s reference guide for production tubing and tubing couplings up to 5-in. OD. This guide gives connection dimensions, steel grades, coupling type, sealing mechanism and minimum joint tension strength (on website only).


Drilling advances

Drilling in 10,000-ft water; US rig count looking better at year's end

Editorial Comment

The frightening future of highway transportation

International Politics

Business practices in Indonesia differ from those of the West

What's new in production

More deepwater oil coming; Mexico seeks more gas through MSCs

What's new in exploration

World's first methane hydrate production test results finally revealed

News & Resources

Companies in the news

Vol. 225 No. 1  Hydrasun Group opened a new extrusion plant in Aberdeen as part of its expansion and business development program. The 20,000-sq-ft facility will produce specialist polyurethane-coated hydraulic and electro-hydraulic umbilical ass

Industry at a glance

Vol. 225 No. 1   In line with a recovering world economy, and taking into account some noticeable OPEC quota cheating, global oil production is running far ahead of the 2002 average. Output in November averaged 79.75 mill

New products

Vol. 225 No. 1  Real-time LWD system Schlumberger Oilfield Services' seismicVISION logging-while-drilling system acquires and transmits data in real time without interfering with drilling operations. The system delivers traditiona

People in industry

Vol. 225 No. 1  Energy consulting company Wood Mackenzie Ltd appointed David Pruner senior VP of Energy Consulting. He joined the firm as part of their new North American Consulting business in September 2003, and is headquartered in the com

World of Oil

Vol. 225 No. 1  KURT S. ABRAHAM, MANAGING/INTERNATIONAL EDITOR   Click Here for Kurt's Opinion US energy bill stalls in Senate, new attemp


05-01_NewProducts.htm (Jan-2004)

New products: HCM-A Multi-Position Adjustable Hydraulic Choke, Blade Runner, Flame and Gas Detection for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries, 2005 Emerson’s Educational Services, PitGun, EEx Sentry Visibility Sensor, Gram Connector, A 7-1/6-in, WindowMaster G2 Whipstock System, WellView 8