November 2002 ///

Special Focus

Developing a subsea compressor for marginal field production

A project to build the first subsea centrifugal compressor module has passed its first battery of tests and is ready for field testing

EOR by elecro-acoustic reservoir stimulation: A new approach

How applying electrical current and mechanical vibrations to the reservoir improves flow of crude into the wellbore

How a data transmission service cut costs and increased production

A web-based monitoring, reporting and control system for compression management significantly reduced operating costs and increased field efficiencies

New technique eliminates high-density completion fluids

A method is described that simplifies completion fluid use and can eliminate need for a drilling or workover rig


Brazil's upstream sector remains resilient in down market

In spite of the depressed upstream market worldwide, Brazil is thriving on discoveries, technology and distinctive developments

New slimhole rotary steerable system at work in Sultanate of Oman

In its first land use, the new system saved time, minimized risk and achieved its targets

Remote sensing and GIS enable future exploration success

Shedding their images as exotic technologies, remote sensing and GIS are becoming crucial, standard tools for E&P activity

Structural analysis in eastern Yemen using remote sensing data

Landsat images/elevation models of surface geology are extprapolated to analogous subsurface structures in 2D/3D


Companies in the news

Nov. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 11  Company News  Anadarko Petroleum Corp. entered into an agreement to acquire Houston-based Howell Corp. in a cash merger in which Ho

New equipment

Nov. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 11  New Equipment  Vibration meter A handheld vibration meter indicates the severity of a vibration even if th

New literature

Oct. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 10  New Literature  Sightglass fittings L.J. Star describes its line of stainless steel, weld-type, sightglass fittings in a brochur

People in industry

Oct. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 10  People  InterOil Corp. has appointed Mr. Gary Duvall vice president of corporate development, (17 years infrastructure exp


Drilling advances

Hurricane Lili claims three rigs; drill fluids, drill pipe data transmission

Editorial Comment

War with Iraq could impact China; windmills vs. view

International Politics

Congress dawdles yet again in considering U.S. energy legislation

What's new in exploration

SEG report; whale followings; merger news

What's new in production

SPE meeting in San Antonio; new reservoir simulation development

News & Resources

Industry at a glance

Nov. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 11  Industry Stats     Monthly U.

World of Oil

Nov. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 11  World of Oil   Kurt S. Abraham,  M