May 2002 ///

Special Focus

A drilling contractor's view of underbalanced drilling

A frank discussion of different operational perspectives by operator and contractor, including lessons learned in the Austin Chalk and success in Colombia

Technology at Work: Evaluating fracture stimulations with microseismicity

Technology at Work: How new software improves reservoir imaging

Technology at Work: Noble semi gets world's first electric BOP crane

Wells drilled overbalanced and underbalanced prove UBD value

In Lithuania, under- and overbalanced boreholes in the same well, in the same reservoir, gave a direct comparison. UBD methods yielded record productivity


Calgary's GPS exudes size and technical substance

As described in this advance look, the Global Petroleum Show will attract 60,000 attendees and 500,000 sq ft of exhibitions, plus feature presentation theaters

Closely moored platforms expedite benign deepwater development

Planners should use comparative analysis to consider major design drivers when evaluating closely moored, dry-tree WHP/FPSO concepts

EAGE will make integration of geosciences its theme

Europe's annual rotating show lands on May 26-30 in Florence, Italy, where geoscientists will be treated to an extensive technical program and bountiful exhibition

Estimating reservoir potential by integrating multiple attributes

Estimating reservoir potential by integrating various data types is applied in Saudi Arabia's Ghawar field. Two methodologies are found to be equally successful

Technology at Work: oWaste injection in oilfield operations

Using 3-D AVO and seismic inversion for reservoir characterization

A case study in Argentina shows how integrated, systematic prospect evaluation led to discovery of new plays via unconventional geological and geophysical techniques

What's new in artificial lift

Part 2 – Fifteen new developments from nine companies include eight innovations in electrical submersible pumping, plus seven other field operation advances


New equipment

May 2002 Vol. 223 No. 5  New Equipment  Data management tool RIO is technical data m

New literature

May 2002 Vol. 223 No. 5  New Literature  Marine, industrial tools A comprehensive ca


Drilling developments

Increased ROP with steel BB drilling; BP's “consultant wedge" concept

Editorial Comment

Despite furor to contrary, greens did have say in Bush's energy plan after all


An airship may be coming to your oil field soon; PDVSA hunkers down

International Politics

Even Einstein could not explain congressional energy policy actions

Offshore update

Central Gulf of Mexico lease sale; Offshore rig counts still below par

What's new in exploration

Geoscience news - Even earlier early life; Slow earthquakes; The Blob

What's new in production

LNG lands in Mexico; GTL startup; White Rose development

News & Resources

Companies in the news

May 2002 Vol. 223 No. 5  Company News  Kerr-McGee Corp. sets its budget at $170 million exploration and $890 million f

Industry at a glance

May 2002 Vol. 223 No. 5  Industry Stats     International

Looking ahead

May 2002 Vol. 223 No. 5  Looking Ahead  Mexico vying for top position as oil exporter to the U.S. Mexico is

Oil country hot line

May 2002 Vol. 223 No. 5  Hot Line  Oil demand lagging U.S. economic rebound The Int

People in industry

May 2002 Vol. 223 No. 5  People  Newly elected officers to the Offshore Energy Center’s board include: chairman