March 2002 ///

Special Focus

How intelligent well technology can maximize recoverable reserves

Engineers need to take a critical look at what defines and comprises so-called intelligent systems when evaluating their potential and limitations

Improving business performance using intelligent technology and asset management

Several technologies have converged on the production side of E&P, enabling operators to lower costs and increase production/ reserves

Setting the value of permanent monitoring and control

Case histories show that a combination of hardware and software now allows monitoring and control that nearly create “live reservoirs" for operators


AAPG to honor heritage as basis for the future

What's scheduled for the technical program, exhibits and events at the annual American Association of Petroleum Geologists meeting, Houston, March 10-13

Advances in MWD and formation evaluation for 2002

Eighteen new advances reduce costs and improve efficiencies, and cover wireline logging, MWD, testing, mud logging and general applications

Gulf of Mexico waits for a turnaround

Last year's optimism has turned to caution, yet the 2002 outlook varies widely. Brightest prospects are deepwater areas, where subsea wells are on the rise

New seismic source helps in sub-basalt imaging

Spurred by activity offshore the Faeroe Islands, there is a timely, promising solution to gaining good seismic images beneath high-velocity strata

Using a unique high-resolution imaging process to find pay

Bypassed pay was identified in a mature field by interpreting high-res, 3-D seismic integrated with AVO processing and existing well log control

Special Report

About the Petroleum Technology Digest

Case studies for Independent Producers

Handheld computer system reduces costs and increases data value

Markwest Resources implemented IHS Energy's FieldDIRECT field data collection system using Windows-based handheld personal computers and quickly realized cost savings through more efficient use of field personnel's time.

Innovative steamflood revives shut-in heavy oil property

Aera Energy LLC (Aera) successfully reestablished production in the Monarch sand in its Pru Fee lease in the Midway-Sunset field through tight integration of geologic characterization, geostatistical modeling, reservoir simulation and petroleum engineerin

Petroleum Technology Digest

Special five-page feature , prepared by World Oil and PTTC, presents three case history reports on recent, successfully applied production technologies

Unique chemical removes paraffin damage, stimulates production

MOCO Operating Co. treated two Upper Wilcox wells in Southeast Louisiana with a paraffin-asphaltene chemical that works via unique mechanisms.


New equipment

Mar. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 3  New Equipment  Portable gas detectors Enclosed in a rugged

New literature


Drilling developments

IADC chairman calls for industry stability; Lehman's rig guessing contest

Editorial Comment

Today's skills shortage is more than a lack of personnel


Canadian firms are wary, but not fearful of 2002's upstream potential

International Politics

Mature citizenship gives Venezuela an edge over Argentina

Offshore update

Sale 181 was quite competitive; MMS approves FPSOs, royalty relief rule

What's new in production

Camisea export project takes baby step; Foothills has half-price alternative

What's new in exploration

New mass extinction theory; Alaskan leasing and Kenai discovery

News & Resources

Companies in the news

Mar. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 3  Company News  Denerco Oil just increased its share of the Nini License 4/95 in the Danish pa

Industry at a glance

Mar. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 3  Industry Stats     International

Looking ahead

Mar. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 3  Looking Ahead  MMS identifies areas for proposed lease sale in GOM. MMS has cla

Oil country hot line

Mar. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 3  Hot Line  MMS executes Bush’s orders to fill SPR Fulfilling a

People in industry

Mar. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 3  People  Devon Energy completed its acquisition of Mitchell Energy & Development. J.