July 1998 ///

Special Focus

Developing smaller offshore fields with FPSOs

Technical advances have made FPSOs viable options for smaller "marginal" fields; a new hybrid riser system extends applications to deeper waters

Field developments/operations highlight new technical advances

Boat-based coiled tubing operations * Third-party mock rig inspections * Terra Nova field, FPSO turret * New chemical for offshore water treating * Petrobrás' Roncador field development * Joint industry FPSO research

Offshore construction program upgrades operating FPSO

Mobil began production through Zafiro Producer in 1996; an extensive vessel modification is now underway with the unit in full operation

Record lateral sidetrack drilled from North Sea platform

How an existing well was sidetracked and kept within a tight sand with state-of-the-art technology to optimize oil recovery using one well

State-of-the-art underwater wet welding

As offshore structure numbers grow, need for underwater repairs increases. Article describes advances in multiple temper bead wet welding


Drilling/ completing with tubing cuts well costs by 30%

How and why Pemex redesigned a Northern area gas well program to drill with 3-1/2-in. tubing, then cement it in as a slimhole production string

Harding field: A North Sea success story

Part 5 – How the team drilled horizontal wells with tight tolerances using high-accuracy surveying, optimal BHA design in 2,000-ft sections

How well control equipment is advancing to meet deepwater needs

Part 2 – Previous focus on riser equipment moves to examination of seafloor components, including wellheads, BOP stacks/ controls and connectors

Inventory correction drives OCTG market

Factors that adversely influence the cyclical tubular market are identified; but the fundamentals, especially gas activity, are seen as positive

Probabilistic OCTG design: Definition, scope, status

Interview with ARCO's Mike Payne answers qustions about how this technique is different, where it can be applied, and how to learn more

Production logging in high-angle wells: Middle East examples

Application/ description of tool designed to overcome typical problems in high-angle wells to get fluid inflow data from all zones

Recommendations could improve the serviceability of drillstring components

Agip's field experience and engineering design work generated proposed new technical specs that can increase shouldered connection life

Select topics and applications of probabilistic OCTG design

Also called "risk-based" design, the technique zeros in on data accuracy, true pipe properties to optimize site-specific tubular designs

Special Report

Casing table updates/ corrections

One-page table gives information on three new connections and one new organization to update World Oil's July 1997 Casing Reference Tables


New equipment

New literature



The burden of imaginary political hobgoblins; oil glut possibilities in 2000

Editorial Comment

Petroleum products going "natural"; dry cleaning and male births


Heavy oil price drops hurt Canada; FSU production reverses down trend

Oil and gas in Washington

Congress temporarily blocks MMS's royalty valuation definition change

What's happening in drilling

One-stop shopping at Port Fourchon; steerable bit cuts drilling costs

What's happening in exploration

USGS three-year study of Northern Alaska analyzes area resources

What's happening in production

Two recent studies analyze North American gas progress and challenges

What's happening offshore

Early look at the Falklands; California Senator pushes permanent OCS ban

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