December 1998 ///

Special Focus

Further industry mergers appear likely


Low oil prices call for cautious, focused growth

Natural gas remains the bright spot

Next millennium's challenges require good people

Offshore drilling outlook still optimistic for longer term

Operators confront many challenges in face of low prices

The year ahead will be a tough one for the UKCS

World Oil's seven editorial advisors analyze industry's status and offer their opinions on how to deal with the tough challenges of next year


Microseismic monitoring: Listen and see the reservoir

Part 1 - Minute earthquakes caused by reactions to fluid movement/ production can be used to image structures and flow conduits in reservoirs

New opportunities offered by downhole oil/ water separation

Pioneering development and testing by Texaco on downhole oil/ water separation and reinjection using the Dual Action Pumping System (DAPS)

Rotary liner drilling for depleted reservoirs

Part 2 – Review of field results, with further development on how the technology has progressed through experience gained in eight wells

TECHNOLOGY AT WORK: Five new techniques improve production/ drilling operations

Upgrading pumping unit performance * Concentric capillary tubing for injecting chemicals * Pressure-activated downhole sealant * Multi-shot, shut-in test tool * Movable submerged mud mixers.

Using pre-drill seismic and LWD data for safe, efficient drilling

With predicted earth stress monitored during drilling, plans may be modified to allow even severe wells to be carried to completion

Special Report

Marine Drilling Rigs '98/'99

Listings show owners/ manager, performance data, major equipment and rig-class photographs for each of the world's 620 mobile offshore drilling units * Introduction/ cover * Jackups * Semi-submersibles * Drillships and barges * Submersibles * Rig name


New equipment

New literature



Some end-of-year musings that will surely buoy your spirit for '99

Editorial Comment

Norway isn't as "green" as you think; API softens climate change rhetoric


IEA adjusts forecast in the wrong direction; CanOxy is "king" in Yemen

Oil and gas in Washington

Potential Constitution abuse; A few pluses for industry from Congress

What's happening in drilling

Some industry comments on soft oil prices; The era of mega mergers

What's happening in exploration

Licensing in Greenland; Key discoveries in Alaska, Australia, Africa

What's happening in production

New multi-purpose production logging tool; Studies on LNG supply/ demand

What's happening offshore

U.S. Gulf: FPSO use, well control, low '98 well counts, strong reserves

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