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French utility to throttle household energy usage during peak demand

As Europe faces an energy crunch that’s pushed wholesale natural gas and power prices to record levels, French utility Engie SA is launching a trial of new contracts that would curb peak demand from households.

UK outlines sweeping net-zero plan ahead of COP26 meeting

The UK unveiled its net-zero strategy as it tries to showcase its green credentials ahead of key climate talks later this month. It will move taxes from electricity to gas, fund carbon-capture, and offer grants for cleaner home heating.

2021 World Oil Awards winners honored at live Houston gala

Honorees received awards in 18 categories, encompassing the full breadth of the upstream industry. Today’s innovations, many of which would have seemed far-fetched a generation ago, are enabling operators to find and produce hydrocarbons more safely, economically, and efficiently.

IEA says anti-gas climate policies didn’t cause Europe’s gas crisis

Government climate policies and the transition away from fossil fuels are not to be blamed for the energy crisis ravaging Europe and Asia, according to the International Energy Agency.

Biden’s net-zero climate policies drive a 23% hike in U.S. coal usage

Donald Trump vowed to revive the coal industry, but it’s President Joe Biden who’s driving a big comeback of the dirtiest fossil fuel.

Blackrock CEO says the world is on track to lose climate change fight

BlackRock Inc. Chief Executive Officer Larry Fink said emerging economies need about $1 trillion a year over the next three decades for the world to achieve carbon neutrality.

Qatar critical of other nations’ vague net-zero pledges

Qatar, the world’s biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas, said it would be wrong to commit to eliminating planet-warming emissions without having a proper plan in place.

Energy crisis leads China to pump the brakes on energy transition

China’s widening power crisis, which has forced rationing across the country and threatens to derail economic growth, is prompting policy makers to rethink the pace of the nation’s energy transition.

TotalEnergies and Qnergy work to reduce methane emissions on the Barnett field

TotalEnergies announces deployment of an innovative technology developed by Qnergy, to significantly reduce methane emissions related to its operations on the Barnett gas field in the United States.

Australia wants a ‘pause button’ for its global climate change commitments

Australia should include “caveats” in any net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions pledge to allow it to suspend climate-change commitments should regional areas of the economy be negatively impacted, according to a senior government lawmaker.

Chevron sets net zero 2050 carbon goals for its operations

Chevron Corp. committed to an “aspiration” of net zero emissions from its operations by 2050 as the company responds to rising investor and societal pressure to play a bigger role in a transition to a low-carbon future.

Apache eliminates routine gas flaring onshore U.S., completing ESG goal early

Apache Corporation has ended routine flaring in its U.S. onshore operations, achieving one of its 2021 ESG goals three months ahead of schedule.

UK grants North Sea subsea carbon storage license in pursuit of COP26 goals

The UK Oil and Gas Authority  has awarded a carbon dioxide appraisal and storage license to Harbour Energy, boosting the drive to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Equinor launches a multibillion-dollar blue hydrogen plan

Equinor ASA, the flagship producer of oil and gas giant Norway, is investing billions of dollars in blue hydrogen on a bet that it can make the fuel more cleanly than anyone else.

Baker Hughes brings proven flare monitoring and management tech to upstream operations

Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business, has made its flare control and digital verification platform, flare.IQ, available to upstream operators for the first time.

Today’s global energy crisis is just the first in the “clean power” era

The world is living through the first major energy crisis of the clean-power transition. It won’t be the last.

Climate change discussions on the rise as US oil and gas firms take action

Climate policy is a hot topic in the oil and gas industry, with the theme ‘Climate Change’ mentioned over 210,000 times in GloblaData’s Filing Analytics database of global oil and gas company filings in 2020 and 2021 combined – a 41% increase from the 2018-2019 period.

European banks canceling fossil fuel companies over ESG liabilities

European banks are beginning to drop clients that pose a climate risk rather than face the possibility of higher capital requirements, according to the watchdog overseeing the development.

Opinion: A just energy transition for Nigeria and its oil and gas sector will attract investment and create opportunity

Nigeria shouldn’t leave its gas in the ground and run the risk of ending up with an energy transition that unfairly deprives its citizens of energy, as well as opportunity.

OPEC and major oil companies each see a different path to energy transition

Two of Big Oil’s biggest players dropped their long-term energy outlooks this week: French energy company TotalEnergies and the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. They offer quite different visions of the world 25 years from now.