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David Blackmon, Contributing Editor

A stark reality faces the U.S. oil and gas industry in the 2020 elections

Decline in DUC backlog shows scale of U.S. shale pullback

As the U.S. shale boom unfolded, the number of oil wells that were drilled but never opened for production steadily rose. Now, that figure has plunged by a surprising 10% in the newest sign yet of tough times for drillers.

Shale discipline could slow U.S. oil output growth by 50% this year

U.S. oil output growth could decelerate by more than 50% next year as greater capital discipline cuts drilling rigs in America’s largest shale patch.

Gardner Denver field trials new Thunder 5000 HP Quintuplex pump

Gardner Denver Petroleum & Industrial Pumps has entered into a six-month field trial of its new Thunder 5000 HP Quintuplex pump, at STEP Energy Services in Alberta, Canada.

Texas processing drilling permits at record pace

For two years in a row since 2018, Railroad Commission of Texas staff have set a historic record of taking just two days on average to process standard drilling permits, one day below the legislative requirement.

One of the best Permian investments doesn’t produce any oil

Texas Pacific Land Trust, a land bank that doesn’t produce oil, is one of the best ways for investors to gain exposure to the world’s largest shale field, according to Stifel Financial Corp.

Parsley Energy boss says shale will finally deliver returns this year

This is the year when shale drillers are finally going to deliver solid returns to investors that have grown weary of the industry’s decade-long cash burn, the head of Parsley Energy said.

Oxy conducts “voluntary reductions” and layoffs across its U.S. land operations

Occidental Petroleum began sweeping job cuts at multiple U.S. locations this week, including what a representative called voluntary reductions and outright layoffs, as the company seeks to reduce debt.

Blackbuck Resources expands team to support Midland and Delaware basin growth

Blackbuck Resources LLC, a company focused on designing, building, and operating water infrastructure for the oil and gas industry, has expanded its executive management team to support growth initiatives across its Midland and Delaware basin platforms.

Nissan Chemical nanoparticle treatment delivers EOR results

Nissan Chemical America Corporation has partnered with industrial gas supplier, Messer Americas, to improve oil and gas production.

Permian pipeline competition accelerates as capacity exceeds supply

Five new oil pipelines are set to open in the Permian Basin through 2021, expanding a gap between production and takeaway capacity that’s already spurring midstream rate cuts and could mean cutthroat competition ahead.

Haynesville-Bossier Shale

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

A "cowboy" bucks headwinds, beefs up gas holdings

Investors signal high-premium deals are over after bad year for energy M&A

After an abysmal 2019 for U.S. energy mergers and acquisitions, investors are signaling to oil executives and investment bankers that the days of high-premium deals are over.

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas: Texas oil sector contracting amid ‘challenging’ conditions

The contraction of the oil and gas industry in and around Texas continued in the fourth quarter as shale producers cut back on spending and jobs, the latest survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas showed.

The Permian gas production problem worsens

America’s top shale field is becoming increasingly gassy as drilling slows down, undercutting profits for explorers at a time when investors are demanding better returns.

Stock sales at 13-year low signal a waning appetite for U.S. shale

U.S. oil and gas producers have raised the least funds from share sales this year in over a decade, as investors lose their appetite for shale.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce says proposed fracing ban puts Texas economy at risk

The study comes as presidential candidates and activist groups have called for a ban on hydraulic fracturing. Several major candidates have promised to pursue such a ban if elected, and the results would deliver a staggering blow to the economy.

Self-made billionaire oilman invites Elizabeth Warren on tour of shale sites in her home state

Wildcatter and Continental Resources founder Harold Hamm invited Elizabeth Warren to the Oklahoma oil patch as the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate proposes a ban on fracing if elected.

Milestone Environmental opens its eighth slurry injection facility in Texas

Big Spring is the second of three facilities in Milestone’s previously announced 2019 construction program, and part of a broader goal to build the largest, most environmentally-conscious oilfield waste disposal network in the Permian basin.

U.S. energy chief says the Permian slowdown is only temporary

Even as growth is set to slow next year in the Permian and elsewhere as drillers respond to investor demands for capital restraint, U.S. Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette said the shale boom has further to run.