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Russian oil output rises to record as OPEC cuts rolled back

Russia’s oil production hit a post-Soviet high last month as the country rolled back the output cuts it had agreed on with OPEC.

Iran's tracked oil exports hit 2 1/2-year low before sanctions

Oil exports from Iran fell to their lowest level in 2 1/2 years before the impending return of U.S. sanctions.

Fate of shared oil fields unclear after Saudi-Kuwait royal talks

The Saudi crown prince held talks with Kuwait’s ruler about increasing cooperation on oil policies.

Trump gets oil traders' attention over call with Saudi king

Donald Trump spoke with King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, days after the U.S. president’s latest criticism of OPEC over high oil prices.

How much oil can Saudis really pump? We're set to find out

For the first time since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, Saudi Arabia could face the ultimate petroleum test: pushing its complex network of oilfields, processing plants, pipelines, tank farms and export terminals to the limit, pumping every possible barrel of oil.

Oil's leap toward $100 softens the blow of Russia sanctions

When former U.S. President Obama imposed sanctions on Russia in 2014, a drop in oil prices turned the penalties into a crushing blow. This time round, markets are doing the opposite.

Shell's LNG Canada moves ahead as Asian partners give approval

Two of Shell’s Asian partners in a LNG venture in western Canada approved their share of the investment, pushing the project closer to a final approval.

EU plan to sidestep Iran sanctions won't keep oil flowing

A plan by the EU, Russia and China to sidestep U.S. sanctions on Iran by using an alternative payment system won’t give its buyers a free pass to handle Iranian crude.

Santos plans to double its production by 2025

Santos today outlined its plans to grow production to more than 100 MMboe by 2025, almost doubling current levels of production.

Qatar seeks growth in gas as race with U.S. heats up

The world’s biggest producer of liquefied natural gas wants to bulk up as competing supplies from Australia and the U.S. are also set to come to the market over the next decade.

Iranian oil tankers go dark with six weeks to go until sanctions hit

Iran’s oil tankers are starting to disappear from global satellite tracking systems with just under six weeks to go until U.S. sanctions are due to hit the country’s exports, making it harder to keep track of the nation’s sales.

Brent climbs to its highest level since 2014, as OPEC stops short of output hike

Brent crude climbed above $80/bbl to its highest level since November 2014 after OPEC and its allies signaled less urgency to boost output, despite U.S. pressure to temper prices.

"Fortunately" for major gas supplier, Trump fails to sway OPEC

Africa’s biggest oil and natural gas producer plans to expand in most areas of the energy industry except for crude, shunning U.S. President Donald Trump’s latest Twitter directive for OPEC members to reduce oil prices.

OPEC gives tepid response to Trump's demand for lower oil prices

U.S. President Donald Trump’s demand that OPEC take rapid action to reduce oil prices got a tepid response, with the group saying it would boost output only if customers requested it.

Regional Report: India

Michele Cowart, World Oil

Over the next 30 years, India is predicted to be one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

A low-density proppant solution for slickwater systems

Lee Reynaud, CARBO

Slickwater systems tend to have low viscosity, which can attribute to difficulty with effectively suspending and transporting proppant in a fracture. Accordingly, a new, low-density proppant has been developed to enhance the transport capability in slickwater fluids and provide increased fracture conductivity.

Russia's biggest oil producers have never had it so good

Russia’s oil companies are simultaneously enjoying record production and the highest prices ever in the local currency.

OPEC squabbles lose relevance as Saudis, Russians set agenda

OPEC seems poised for another contentious meeting in Algeria this weekend as Iran threatens to veto decisions.

Iran warns it will veto OPEC decisions harming its interests

Iran said it will veto any OPEC decision that harms the Islamic Republic and warned that some oil producers are trying to create an alternative suppliers’ forum that supports U.S. policies hostile to Tehran.

Russian oil output hits new high before OPEC talks

Russia’s crude production has jumped to a new post-Soviet record, boosting the nation’s budget revenue as it prepares for talks with OPEC+ on further cooperation.