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6/28/2022 New UK oil and gas tax will damage production, diminish energy security, Offshore Energies UK warns

6/28/2022 OPEC+ set to conclude two-year old supply pact before tough decision on new deal

6/28/2022 Strohm fast-tracks delivery of TCP Riser for Shell’s North Sea operations

6/27/2022 France’s Macron tells Biden that UAE, Saudi pumping near oil limits

6/27/2022 Energy Workforce CEO says potential EPA action in the Permian would increase energy prices

6/27/2022 Niger, Algeria and Nigeria establish taskforce to develop Trans-Saharan gas pipeline

6/27/2022 OPEC+ running out of oil production capacity, Nigeria says

6/27/2022 Vandalism, road blocks could lead Ecuador to soon halt oil pumping

6/24/2022 BP pays UK tax on North Sea business for first time in years

6/24/2022 Permian Basin facing new environmental rules that could curb drilling

6/24/2022 A fresh look at what Russia’s invasion means for energy companies

6/24/2022 U.S. energy industry invites Biden to visit American energy sites ahead of trip to Saudi Arabia

6/23/2022 Swagelok Company celebrates 75th anniversary

6/23/2022 Industry raises investor confidence concerns over windfall tax at meeting with UK chancellor

6/23/2022 Energy Workforce finds gains in sector’s minority, women employment gains, encourages continuation

6/23/2022 North Sea Electrification Competition finds methods to reduce up to 87% of emissions

6/23/2022 URTeC 2022: Operators look for new ways to increase output from existing shale wells

6/23/2022 Industry groups call refiners’ meeting with energy secretary ‘constructive’

6/23/2022 Seadrill’s Persian Gulf rig contracts extended for $361 million

6/23/2022 TUBACEX to build OCTG manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi through contract with ADNOC

6/23/2022 Nigeria to investigate Shell permits after $200 million loss