TAQA launches patented torsional drilling technology for oil and gas operators

May 02, 2024

(WO) — Industrialization & Energy Services Company TAQA has unveiled Threlix, a groundbreaking drilling technology aimed at minimizing downtime and enhancing efficiency for oil and gas operators. Threlix targets the challenges associated with drilling dysfunctions, such as vibration and torsional oscillations, often encountered with Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS). By mitigating these issues, Threlix promises improved drilling reliability and cost reduction.

Drilling in the oil and gas industry is often plagued by problems like stick slip and erratic torque, leading to reduced penetration rates and damage to equipment. Threlix addresses these issues with its innovative design, featuring a proprietary helical spring and fully sealed internal components to minimize friction and prevent fluid intrusion. This technology enables rapid adjustments to maintain consistent cutting depth, ensuring smoother drilling operations.

Cory Blanchette, Global Product Line Manager, Downhole Tools at TAQA, highlights the significance of Threlix in filling a crucial gap in the market for RSS drilling solutions. With decades of experience in dysfunction mitigation, TAQA aims to offer the most robust and high-performing torsional mitigation tool available.

Threlix not only improves drilling efficiency but also offers comprehensive engineering support throughout the drilling process, including pre-analysis and post-run assessments. TAQA provides in-house designed sensors to measure vibrations and torsional oscillations, ensuring the technology meets the specific requirements of different formations and applications.

The effectiveness of Threlix was demonstrated in a case study involving a major operator in the Montney play, British Columbia. By integrating Threlix into their RSS setup, the operator achieved a significant increase in drilling consistency and a 38% improvement in average penetration rates, leading to substantial cost savings and operational enhancements.

In summary, Threlix represents a significant advancement in drilling technology, offering oil and gas operators a reliable solution to enhance efficiency and reduce costs in challenging drilling environments.

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