TGS enhances oil and gas analytics platform with well economic data

February 12, 2024

(WO) – TGS announced that the latest enhancement to its innovative cloud-based oil and gas analytics platform, Well Data Analytics, now features well economic models and data. The newly added dataset allows real-time delivery of well economic statistics, providing users with valuable insights into oil and gas asset performance based on highly accurate well data and well-specific cost models.

Source: TGS

By integrating this data into the Well Data Analytics platform, TGS empowers users to perform accurate forecasts of economic scenarios, delivering tailored, adaptable data solutions driven by customer needs.

Distinguished by its user-friendly interface and customizable inputs, TGS well economics data caters to both geoscientists and financial professionals. Users can customize analyses to specific needs, setting a new standard for accessibility and utility.

Carl Neuhaus, Vice President of Onshore Products at TGS, stated, “Our Well Data Analytics platform leverages the world's largest and most accurate well data library. By adding well economics data, we can now offer additional insights for the customer’s asset valuation process. This transformative tool reshapes financial decision-making in oil and gas exploration, setting unparalleled standards with its innovative features.”

The incorporation of well economics data enhances the TGS Well Data Analytics suite, translating geological insights, completions data and well productivity into comprehensive net present values and wellhead breakeven prices.

These updates are designed to assist oil and gas businesses in navigating today's economic complexities, supporting informed decision-making.

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