Origem Energia, Datagration partner to deploy AI technologies across Brazilian oil, gas assets

September 27, 2023

(WO) – Origem Energia and Datagration announced a three-year commercial agreement focused on the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies in the energy sector.

The heart of this partnership lies in PetroVisor, an SaaS Platform developed by Datagration. PetroVisor empowers Origem Energia to seamlessly integrate intricate engineering, operations, financial and other enterprise data, enabling the company to execute and automate intricate analytics processes. The platform harnesses the power of advanced AI and ML technology, facilitating the centralized consolidation, cleansing and integration of data from diverse sources.

According to Luna Viana, COO at Origem Energia, the collaboration has been successful. "As a pilot, we integrated multi-source production and well test data from fifty wells. This, coupled with dashboard visualizations, improved our back allocation process and provides predictions driven by automated Decline Curve Analysis."

With the pilot's success, Origem Energia and Datagration are now deploying PetroVisor across all of Origem's producing assets. PetroVisor's AI and ML-driven analytical applications are poised to revolutionize the efficiency and effectiveness of Origem's operational management.

Peter Bernard, Datagrations’ CEO and Chairman shared his perspective on the partnership. "We now have PetroVisor users in many of the world's oil and gas producing regions. But this is our first fully commercial contract in Brazil. As the implementation progressed, we found ourselves to be highly aligned with Origem's bold, entrepreneurial, and innovative values. This is two great companies working together to push the boundaries of AI and ML in upstream oil and gas."

PetroVisor has already effectively integrated multi-source production and well testing data from fifty wells, resulting in enhanced production estimates, streamlined back allocation processes, and predictive insights powered by automated Decline Curve Analysis. The solution is a fully automated Virtual Flow Meter, empowering Origem Energia's engineers with real-time production dashboards that guide their strategic decisions and asset management.

By leveraging Datagration's state-of-the-art technology, Origem Energia aims to replace traditional oil and gas processes with innovative workflows tailored to Brazilian production operations.


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