HydraWell’s industry-first technology paves the way towards rigless operations

World Oil Staff December 08, 2022

(WO) — Well-integrity specialist company HydraWell has unveiled its new technology, HydraCT, an advanced perforation, wash and cement (PWC) system specifically designed for coil tubing applications with the potential to cut CO2 emissions by 80% and reduce costs by up to 60%.

The deployment of this new technology signals a major industry shift for the future of plug and abandonment (P&A) activities.

“Working without rigs is the next chapter for plug and abandonment activities and we will remain at the forefront of guiding how the sector can move away from the need for a rig to pull pipe towards rigless, coiled tubing using HydraCT,” Mark Sørheim, HydraWell CEO, said.

The Norway-based company has announced the first successful campaign using HydraCT, the latest development in its patented perforation, wash and cement (PWC) technology.

The successful debut of HydraCT in Alaska last month was the first project of its kind to use coil tubing, eliminating the need to mobilize a rig to the site. By running coil tubing as the deployment method, the rigless HydraCT campaign spanned less than 24 hours, signaling a huge step-change for the future of P&A activities.

Building on its PWC track record, HydraWell applied years of experience and deep industry knowledge to transfer existing drill pipe system expertise into the development of its unique coiled tubing system. Coil tubing is particularly useful in remote areas where rig availability is limited or on unmanned or smaller platforms with load capacity restrictions.

“Our research has shown there is industry demand for more sustainable and cost-effective alternatives in plug and abandonment operations, and we will continue to respond to this demand by creating superior solutions which are carefully aligned with the needs of clients and the market,” Sørheim said.

HydraWell is currently the only company globally offering this technology.

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