Corva and NexTier partner to improve ESG and innovation delivery via remote completions management

July 26, 2021

HOUSTON - Corva and NexTier Oilfield Solutions announced a strategic technology partnership designed to optimize completions, reduce well costs and improve ESG performance. By leveraging the combined strengths of their digital oilfield solutions, the partnership provides a single, unified solution to accelerate innovation and optimize every completions operation.

For operators, the Corva/NexTier collaboration delivers an entirely new realm of data-driven benefits – for every NexTier fracturing fleet. These include customized visualization platforms; instantaneous communications; 24/7, dedicated engineering expertise; automated, AI-powered failsafes and alerts; and a significant reduction of nonproductive time.

“Through our strategic partnership with NexTier, we are bringing together two amazing teams with a shared vision and common culture of continuous innovation and improvement,” said Ryan Dawson, CEO and founder of Corva. “We’ve enabled a revolutionary synergy of people, technology and data that creates new opportunities to drive out inefficiencies at the wellsite, maximize returns on every new well and elevate ESG. It’s exciting for us to leverage NexTier’s NexHub extensive digital infrastructure, and I can’t wait to see the future of completions with Corva as an innovation accelerator,” Dawson commented.

NexTier’s NexHub Digital Center integrates leading-edge data, digital technologies, and industry expertise to optimize remote operations engineering, trucking and supply-chain logistics, and equipment health monitoring. Leveraging Corva’s advanced analytics, KPIs, and robust visualization platform in a recent field test, NexTier safely completed more than 100 stages from a first-of-its-kind control center, located more than 50 miles from the wellsite.

“Real-time data and analytics enable us to manage completions remotely and transition crews out of the red zone, which provides unprecedented power to reduce cost per barrel, minimize risks, and boost efficiencies for our customers,” said Robert Drummond, President and CEO of NexTier Oilfield Solutions. “Our NexHub Digital Center had already made great strides in integrating activities and improving data transparency across the full scope of the wellsite. And now, partnering with Corva, we’re able to achieve a whole new level of digital optimization.”

Leveraging Corva's category-leading drilling and completions platforms, the partnership will enable NexTier to rapidly integrate new digital products and services, as well as providing Corva with a wealth of historical data and wellsite expertise. NexTier’s software development team is working closely with Corva to develop the first generation of NexHub apps, which will be available through the Corva App Store.

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