HYTORC, Cumulus Digital Systems bring real-time QA to industrial bolting


MAHWAH, NJ - HYTORC has entered into a partnership with Cumulus Digital Systems, whose “Internet of Tools” platform collects data from digitally enabled tools to provide real-time quality assurance and progress tracking. The partnership will couple HYTORC’s bolting solutions with Cumulus’ Smart Torque™ System (STS), to create fully connected and data-driven solutions that improve safety, quality and productivity in bolting maintenance and construction.

“We began working with Cumulus in 2018, and have formalized a partnership that will utilize what each of our companies do best, for the benefit of our customers,” said HYTORC’s President Eric Junkers. “We’re excited for this partnership and what it means for our industry. Essentially, HYTORC and Cumulus are bringing bolting into the Internet age.”

“The Internet of Tools is the combination of Cumulus’ industry-leading software with world-class connected tools. We are pleased to share the news of our new partnership with HYTORC to integrate their advanced powered bolting equipment with our Smart Torque System to expand the toolset that is supported by our end-to-end workflow management platform. We are excited that our customers will benefit from HYTORC’s innovative bolting technology and outstanding customer service,” said Cumulus CEO Matt Kleiman.

Paired with HYTORC bolting solutions, the fully Bluetooth-enabled technology allows users to program bolting patterns on a tablet and transmit that information directly to a HYTORC pump. The pump then activates the rest of the connected HYTORC bolting solution – hydraulic or battery powered torque tools – to automatically tighten bolts uniformly, substantially increasing joint integrity by achieving a verifiable, even circumferential, and targeted bolt load. The integrated system is easily applied to the ASME PCC-1 recommended “Simultaneous Multibolt Tightening Pattern.”  HYTORC refers to this enhanced method as the “Parallel Joint Closure Method,” which uses multiple tools – usually four – on each bolting application. The result is substantially reduced torque increments and bolting time while further increasing joint integrity, thereby significantly reducing or eliminating leaks.

By applying STS, users can realize up to 60 percent reductions in quality assurance and control costs, and reductions in bolting time of 50 percent or more. STS has also been proven to reduce dangerous, and potentially costly, bolting safety incidents. And, with more than 150,000 flanges under management, STS has delivered 60 percent decreases in quality control and assurance costs, and eliminated leaks.   

Among the key features of the integrated HYTORC and Cumulus system is its digital documentation functionality. In line with the industry’s push to go paperless, STS logs all activity for effective record-keeping, planning and overall accountability and traceability.

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