Weatherford launches intelligent managed pressure drilling - Victus


BAAR, Switzerland -- During Day 1 of OTC 2019, Weatherford International plc has unveiled Victus intelligent MPD, an Industry 4.0 solution that features intelligent control, equipment automation and leading technical competence driven by a global engineering organization. Based on experience in more than 7,600 MPD operations, Victus enables operators and drilling contractors to achieve their objectives with unmatched safety and cost savings in deep water, in shallow water or on land.

Victus initiates the next generation of MPD by incorporating decades of knowledge and data in thousands of wells across the world into one advanced system. It integrates rig equipment for machine-to-machine communication, real-time analysis of downhole conditions and rapid automated responses from a central location. Using an exclusive and time-tested algorithmic model, it precisely maintains bottomhole pressure to enhance the primary well control barrier. Victus also includes a new automated MPD riser system for floating drilling vessels, which minimizes rig up and rig down time to previously unachievable levels. The integrated, compact and smart riser design reduces installation time from two days to less than 20 min.

"Victus is a breakthrough that combines human intelligence with machine communication to drive MPD to new heights," said Anthony Spinler, V.P. of MPD at Weatherford. "Customers can confidently drill ahead as if they have near-infinite mud weight options available at all times. They can reduce rig time, eliminate most drilling hazards, and use the blowout preventer only when necessary."

The Weatherford track record – Five decades of empowering MPD performance

Victus is the culmination of more than a half-century of MPD results for faster drilling, lower costs and more production. In 2018, 98.2% of MPD operations by the company had zero nonproductive time.

"This is one of the highest performance ratings of any product or service company. Our personnel and the Weatherford intelligent control system give our customers real-time information to take the exact right action, at the right time, and to achieve the optimal outcome well after well," said Etienne Roux, president of drilling and evaluation at Weatherford.

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