Wood, Roue and Cisco open oil and gas center in Mexico


ABERDEEN -- Wood, Cisco and Roue Consultores have combined resources to open a new Oil and Gas Advanced Technology Centre (ATC), in Wood’s operations center in Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico. The Oil and Gas ATC highlights the value the IoT can bring in the upstream, downstream and midstream oil and gas industry.

The new facility will simulate, execute, and manage the operation and maintenance of hydrocarbon transportation storage and distribution systems in a laboratory environment.  The full Cisco solutions offering is available, highlighting how properly managed data can support better decision making and faster overall execution resulting in enhanced profitability. The solutions available at the center include:

Cisco connected pipelines enable pipeline automation across a unified, end to end network, real time management, and new pipeline protections that can prevent accidents and detect leaks much faster. Cisco Connected Pipelines supports the requirement for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) environment and provides a migration path to an infrastructure that meets current and future needs.

Cisco connected TAD (terminal de almacenamiento y distribución/supply & storage terminal) is a tailor made solution developed by the Wood engineering team, combined with the network design and cybersecurity of Cisco, integrated by Roue and complimented with a portfolio from a partner ecosystem that supplies over 30 apps, focused on the digitization of the hydrocarbon distribution process. It provides the integration of flow, fire and explosive gas detection systems, and includes dispatch tank truck geo-positioning, telemetry, safety and geo-fencing that applies from the TAD to any gas station or facility.

The center is open to industry professionals, allowing them to model their operations under an open architecture based on international standards such as ISA95 and IEC62264. Any local or international company working in the upstream, midstream or downstream oil and gas industry is welcome to request the services.

The hydrocarbon distribution and transportation market requires an efficient cost structure to remain competitive.  In this industry where hydrocarbons are managed as a commodity with prices determined by the market and not the producer, the use of technology has demonstrated positive impacts.  The Oil and Gas ATC is the first step in achieving this efficiency gain in this market.

Bob MacDonald, CEO for Wood’s specialist technical solutions says, “Wood’s deep understanding and experience of the Oil and Gas ATC target markets, such as oil and gas, power, mining and chemicals, as well as our broader integrator knowledge to combine Cisco, Roue and third party applications into a value-added solution for midstream logistics processes, makes this a perfect partnership.”

Isidro Quintana, general director of Cisco México added, “It’s important that the oil and gas industry innovates. Digitization can help to work in a safe, reliable, efficient, and secure environment, and the use of data analytics can help faster decision-making. At The Oil and Gas Advanced Technology Centre it will be possible to realize the technology that helps in the digitization of the industry."

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