Gazprom Neft implements 2030 digital transformation strategy

November 26, 2018
Photo: Gazprom Neft.

MOSCOW -- Gazprom Neft’s Board of Directors has reviewed information on further improving the efficiency of the oil business’s operational processes through the use of innovative digital technologies.

Digital transformation is a priority area of focus in Gazprom Neft’s activities, creating new opportunities for improving economic efficiency in the face of increasing business complexity and ever decreasing potential for process improvements through traditional approaches. New management strategies based on innovative digital technologies are making it possible to move over to fully integrated, end-to-end management of every stage of the production process, as well as improving the efficiency of specific business areas through the use of predictive analytics and recommendation systems, and the creation of cross-functional operations management centres and digital platforms.

Gazprom Neft has implemented a range of successful projects following the adoption of digital technologies, including blockchain, artificial intellect (AI), Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The considerable effectiveness of these has, already, been proved in developing "digital twins" for wells, drilling rigs, and refining facilities.

Gazprom Neft is gradually introducing "Industry 4.0" IoT technologies and new methodologies in operations process management. The company has begun developing its strategy for the business’s digital transformation, which is bringing together key program across 14 areas over the entire value chain, including "Cognitive Geology", "The Intelligent Oilfield", "The Digital Filling Station" and other initiatives. The first stage of this digitization program is expected to be completed by 2022.

Gazprom Neft is developing an integrated digital platform for continuous production management through which to implement its digital transformation program, intended to ensure the full and holistic integration of the company’s processes and functions, facilitate a fast rate of change and the speedy implementation of technologies, and allow the scaling-up of digital projects.

By implementing its digital strategy to 2030 Gazprom Neft plans a 1.5-fold reduction in exploration and field development lead-times and costs, a 40% reduction in major project lead times, and a reduction in production costs of 10%. Implementing this strategy will also allow the company to further improve industrial and workplace safety by significantly reducing employee involvement in higher-risk industrial processes, and by introducing unmanned production.

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