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Special Focus

Integrated datasets hold the key to unravelling petroleum prospectivity

David Spofforth, Jo Firth, CGG

The search for hydrocarbons has spanned vast areas of the globe. Despite many successes, entire basins and plays have been deemed unprospective, perhaps prematurely, based on single well results, or poor-quality seismic data.


Global oil production increases, even as drilling declines further

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Now 23 months long, the worldwide downturn in oil prices has depressed upstream activity in many regions, with one or two exceptions, yet global production has registered a healthy increase. Reserves have held steady.

Condition-based maintenance drives efficiency and profitability improvements

Keith Holliday, GDS International

Traditional, calendar-based equipment maintenance can be costly and hinder productivity; however, servicing equipment, based on its actual usage and real-time data, can cut costs and help avoid lost productivity.

Integrated drilling software raises the bar for automation, simulation training in critical wells

Koray Kinik, Weatherford; Evelyn Baldwin, Maersk Training

Adding an integrated, automated software platform to existing control systems enables more realistic training, which improves decision-making preparedness for actual well-control events.

HPHT environment requires reliable, high-strength completion systems

Kevin Trahan, Packers Plus Energy Services

As the industry targets deeper formations in developing unconventional plays, completion system capabilities continue to reach new heights. The goal is to design HPHT technologies optimized for horizontal wells that increase initial production rates and cumulative production to maximize return on investment.

Newfoundland and Labrador excel as center for oil-and-gas-related Arctic R&D

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Part 3—This latest installment in the East Canada series details the ongoing efforts to expand Arctic-related R&D for oil and gas, and related industries, but also to establish the province as a center for technical excellence.

Maximizing efficiencies in an era of evolution

Keith Arnold, Texakoma

Over the past 50 years, technology across every sector has evolved exponentially.

Evaluating diversion techniques to increase stimulation effectiveness in the Eagle Ford

Shea Evans, Kirk Dawson, Matthew Montes, Halliburton; Greg Preston, Scott Hudson, Carrizo Oil and Gas

A study in the Eagle Ford shale assessed the challenges associated with cluster efficiency in horizontal plug-and-perf treatments, as well as the application and methodology of using a diverter. Production was analyzed to validate the diverter’s performance, and fiber-optic data provided subsurface insight to validate diversion effectiveness.

Evaluating a new solids control system in the Marcellus shale

Brandon Buzarde, Cubility AS; and, EQT Corporation

A new system, pioneered offshore Norway, offers a way for onshore operators to maintain drilling fluids. The new vacuum-based system aims to boost rig site efficiency and versatility by replacing shale shakers and associated secondary systems.

New resin-coated 100 mesh sand reduces proppant flowback, enhances safety

Leo S. Elder, John M. Terracina, Candice K. Kelly, Jeff H. Ito, Hexion Inc.

While still providing all of the benefits of traditional, curable, resin-coated sand, kRT 100 proppant allows operators to continue stimulating microfractures, while at the same time reducing proppant flowback, as well as dust generation, for a safer work environment.


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