May 2016 ///

Special Focus

What’s new in artificial lift?

Joe D. Woods, James F. Lea, Herald W. Winkler

Part 1—In this first of two monthly reports, the authors highlight innovations in beam/rod pumping, linear lift units, hydraulic piston pumps, hydraulic jet pumps, and more.


Seawater injection: Challenges, mitigation, geographic distribution and best practices

David Fakunle

This comprehensive report reviews the problems and solutions for seawater injection projects, as well as their geographic distribution. Some candidates for industry best practices on this subject are suggested.

Proppant-sized solid inhibitors improve flow assurance in fraced wells

Jenifer Lascano, Damian Ochoa, Carlos Camacho

Using proppant-sized solid inhibitors and a proactive chemical treatment plan, operators can minimize health, safety and environmental exposure, as well as mitigate the cost of remediation and loss of production.

Subsea processing: A holistic approach to subsea development

Tine Bauck Irmann-Jacobsen

Advances in technology are enabling the discovery of, and access to, offshore hydrocarbon reserves previously thought uneconomical. However, many viable-but-challenging projects are put on hold because of uncertainties about their feasibility, high start-up costs, and long lead times. To solve these problems, several holistic subsea processing systems have been created to enhance field economics.

ShaleTech: Permian Shales

Jim Redden

Best bet in a field of also-rans

GPS 2016 show preview

Emily Querubin

Calgary’s Global Petroleum Show to help industry professionals cope with market

Regional Report: Latin America

Emily Querubin

Despite the industry downturn, regionwide potential drives E&P forward


President's letter

John Royall

A new day for you, a new day for us

First oil

Kurt Abraham

Slow improvement appears in offing for balance of 2016

Energy issues

William J. Pike


What's new in exploration

William (Bill) Head

Exploration therapy: Admit who you are, and be prepared for stares

Drilling advances

Jim Redden

Future clear, but pathway cluttered

What's new in production

Don Francis

I, Robot

Offshore in depth

Ron Bitto

An essential offshore technology

Oil and gas in the capitals

Jeff Moore

An interview with KrisEnergy on the state of Southeast Asia’s E&P sector

Executive viewpoint

Nicolas de Coignac

Enhancing customer value through global strategies and employee engagement

Innovative thinkers

Emily Querubin

Dr. Robello Samuel: Thinking inside the box, to get outside the box

The last barrel

Roger Jordan

Storing up trouble

News & Resources

World of oil and gas

Roger Jordan

World of oil and gas

Industry at a Glance: Oil & Gas Prices, Production, Rig Counts

Craig Fleming

Industry at a glance

People in the industry

Emily Querubin

People in the industry

Companies in the news

Emily Querubin

Companies in the news

New products and services

Emily Querubin

New products and services

World Oil's 100-Year Anniversary

The era of transformation

Roger Jordan

As the 1980s got underway, the future was looking bright for the upstream industry.

Boom to bust: The fight for an import fee

Roger Jordan

The face of the oil and gas industry has changed markedly since the 1980s and 1990s, but two themes remain remarkably consistent—boom and bust.

Persian Gulf War

Roger Jordan

In a move that provoked international condemnation and sent crude on an upward trajectory, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq invaded neighboring Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990.

Challenges and Setbacks

Roger Jordan

As well as playing host to two major industry downturns, the period between 1986 and 2000 also saw the upstream industry contend with a number of challenges and also achieve remarkable feats.

GPC between 1986 and 2000: Looking to the future

Roger Jordan

On Jan. 6, 2000, two private investment partners—venture capital firm Battery Ventures and Houston-based investment firm SCF Partners—announced the acquisition of World Oil’s parent company, Gulf Publishing Company (GPC), for $20 million.

Ocean Industry—The end of an era

Roger Jordan

In November 1992, after a print run lasting a little over 26 years, GPC published its last issue of Ocean Industry.

Transformational discoveries

Roger Jordan

The era of easy oil may have come to an end, but, as the century drew to a close, explorers made a number of elephantine discoveries around the globe.

Changing faces: Mergers, acquisitions and upstarts

Roger Jordan

The years between 1986 and 2000 saw major changes to the structure of the upstream industry, with a wave of mega-mergers and the emergence of some of today’s best known independents.