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Special Focus

What industry leaders expect for 2017

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Twelve months have come and gone since our editorial advisors offered their thoughts on the global upstream market, and still, the industry just wants one basic question answered: “When are things going to get noticeably better?”


Technology helps provide answers for market woes

Mike Slaton, Contributing Editor

“Something has to change.” In a down rig market, the call-to-action weighs heavily on technology to find a way to do things differently—reduce cost, improve performance or provide another option. Innovative engineering seldom has had more fertile ground than it does today.

Record-length expandable liner enables gas lift completion, improves production

Joe Becnel, Jesus Contreras, Francisco Gamarra, ConocoPhillips Company; Greg Galloway, Weatherford

A record-setting solid-expandable liner run was used to re-line a non-sour-gas-compliant wellbore in the Eagle Ford shale. This application cleared the way for a gas-lift recompletion, and it boosted production.

Field exercises test Arctic survival readiness

Katie Aylward, ABS

As the upstream industry continues its expansion into Arctic waters, a new study sheds light on the industry’s ability to contend with potential safety issues.

Research initiative targets worker safety

Kevin McSweeney, ABS

Safety is a critical objective for the offshore industry, yet truly understanding how safe operations actually are requires concrete data.

Organizational change can be achieved through HSE leadership

Jack Hinton, Baker Hughes, a GE Company

Changing the way that we manage HSE issues and workplace incidents is critical to reducing risk and improving quality throughout an enterprise. To achieve these goals, the petroleum industry must improve HSE performance, using technology and implementing major shifts in cultural, organizational, and human performance paradigms.

Integrated high-pull wireline conveyance systems accelerate access to well profiles

Serko Sarian, Chris Babin, Schlumberger

Increasingly complex well geometrics and extended well depths present a growing challenge for conveyance. Deep and highly deviated wells that were not previously wireline accessible, especially benefit from using an integrated wireline conveyance system.

ShaleTech: Haynesville-Bossier shale

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Jumbo frac schemes await improving gas prospects


First oil

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Miracles do happen

Energy issues

William J. Pike, World Oil

New data on methane emissions

What's new in exploration

William (Bill) Head, Contributing Editor

Is a new World Order upon us?

Drilling advances

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Bringing bowties to life

What's new in production

Don Francis, Contributing Editor

Solving stranded gas

Offshore in depth

Ron Bitto, Contributing Editor

Report calls for urgent action to prevent North Sea’s rapid decline

Oil and gas in the capitals

Dr. Øystein Noreng, Contributing Editor

Norway at 50 years

Executive viewpoint

Rod A. Starr, Polarcus

Different at the core

The last barrel

Roger Jordan, World Oil

Christmas comes early—well, maybe

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