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Ceramic screens control proppant flowback in fracture-stimulated offshore wells

Deployed in the Danish North Sea, the screens employ a ceramic construction and loose-fitting design that enable them to withstand erosion more effectively than wire screens.

Chemical treatment maximizes sand-free flowrate in Gulf of Mexico through-tubing application

By modifying the zeta potential of the formation particles, the non-resin treatment creates an ionic attraction that can eliminate sand and fines migration, and often reduces watercut.


Ball-activated sliding-sleeve fracturing best practices

Activity in the Bakken formation has seen remarkable growth during the last decade.

Show Preview: From the North Sea to Brazil’s presalt, deepwater drives Offshore Europe 2011

Following the movement of offshore exploration in the North Sea and elsewhere around the world, one of Europe’s premier oil and gas shows is reaching for deeper water.

High productivity vibroseis test strengthens partnership amongst PDO, BGP International and INOVA

Improvements in Vibroseis operations through advancements in land acquisition technologies and techniques by equipment manufacturers offer substantial benefits to geophysical service operators and E&P companies.

North American Outlook: Oil plays old and new drive US drilling surge

No one is chanting “Drill, baby, drill,” but US operators are doing just that, extending their strong run in 2010 to 2011 as they take advantage of sustained high oil prices.

Regional Report: North Sea

A mixed bag: Strong licensing, deal activity but less drilling offshore the UK and Norway

Regional Report: The Arctic

Despite offshore delays, Arctic projects advance and new areas are opened

ShaleEnergy Series: Bakken oil train rolls on at full steam for Three Forks

Horizontal drilling in the Bakken shale formation of the Williston basin has been going on since 2000, but since 2009 the play has seen an unprecedented surge in drilling activity.

Industry Report: Understanding the petrophysics of drilling mud and its effects on log data

Drilling fluid within the borehole must be accounted for during petrophysical interpretation. This was not a problem when muds were simple water-based or invert-oil emulsions, but with newer chemistry, complex modeling may be required to retain interpretation accuracy.


Drilling advances

With automation, the rig floor enters the digital age

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Through the rear-view mirror

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The Cameron artificial heart team:
Re-engineering oilfield technology to save lives

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

War of words reflects deep tensions in the South China Sea

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Incremental improvements in vibration technology

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Helium, the other natural gas: End of an era?

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