Issue: July 2010

Special Focus

Access to resources, energy-efficient production highlighted at ONS 2010

Energy experts gather to discuss global challenges and showcase the latest petroleum advances under the show theme “Energy for more people.”

Impressive Arctic discoveries drive international push into unexplored areas

Perceived ecological risk and the related political battles over access—not a lack of technology and operating know-how—will be the key challenges to accelerating the development of remote, high-cost Arctic oil and gas resources.

Light at the end of the tunnel for the North Sea

A favorable tax regime has helped operators in Norway weather the storm, and recent oil price stability seems to be ramping up UK activity as well.

Making the most of topsides engineering

Competent leadership and adherence to a realistic project execution plan using consistent communication with all project contributors will help ensure success.


Benchmarking a new connection technology in the deep Gulf of Mexico

The use of a new generation of double-shoulder drill pipe connection yielded savings from both improved connection time and reduced damage.

Distributed temperature sensing yields lessons for acid treatment

A Permian Basin operator used downhole temperature profiles to maximize the effectiveness of a well stimulation campaign.

Next steps for expandables

The industry is expanding its view of this technology’s applications, with a shift toward incorporating expandables into the primary design of the well rather than just using them as contingency systems.

Organic clay acid system sustains post-treatment production increases

A comparative evaluation of matrix acid systems was conducted in a high-clay reservoir for Petrobras.

SHALE ENERGY: Developing the Eagle Ford—Geochemical fixes boost shale completion efficiency

Controlling the effects of geochemical interactions between the shale and the fracturing fluids has helped shale gas operators preserve reservoir communication to the wellbore, reduce sour gas potential and tailor flowback water for reuse.

SHALE ENERGY: Developing the Eagle Ford—Unconventional approaches aid Eagle Ford development

Stretching from the meandering Rio Grande, the Eagle Ford Shale play extends along a 50-mile corridor in South Texas for over 400 miles to the northeast.

Workover expansion optimizes wellbore geometry

Expanding an openhole liner to isolate a high-pressure shale zone preserved hole size and prevented a slimhole configuration in the production zone.



Drilling advances

A perfect storm for the anti-drilling crowd

Editorial comment

An open letter to Secretary Salazar

Innovative thinkers

Unlocking the mystery of a 30-year-old well

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Russia and the eurozone crisis: Problems and opportunities

What’s new in exploration

The age of migration

What's new in production

No ‘rewind,’ no ‘fast forward,’ just slow-motion pain

News & Resources

Companies in the news

Companies in the news

Industry at a glance

Crude oil prices tumbled $18/bbl in the first three weeks of May before partially recovering by the month’s end. By early June, benchmark crudes were trading in a lower range of about $72–73/bbl.

Meetings and Events

Meetings and Events

New products

New Products

People in industry

The Gas Technology Institute (GTI) awarded George P. Mitchell, former Chairman of Mitchell Energy & Development Corp., a Lifetime Achievement Award for pioneering drilling and completion technologies that created the shale gas revolution.

World of Oil and Gas

Chevron, Rosneft to explore Black Sea ridge
Industry At A Glance

International Geophysical Activity

International Geophysical Activity

International Offshore Rigs

International Rotary Rig Count

International Rotary Rig Count

International Rotary Drilling Rigs

International Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph

Monthly US Gas Prices and Trends ($/Mcf)

Monthly US Gas Prices and Trends ($/Mcf)

Selected World Oil Prices

Selected World Oil Prices Graph

U.S. Geophysical Activity

U.S. Geophysical Activity

U.S. Oil Production

U.S. Oil Production

U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph

U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph

Rotary Rigs Running in US

Rotary Rigs Running in US

Workover Rig Count

Workover Rig Count

US Workover Rigs

US Workover Rigs

World Oil and NGL Production

World Oil and NGL Production Table

Integrating ’EM sounding’ into workflows reduces pre-drill risk

Projects offshore Greenland and Brazil benefited from improved depth imaging.

Shale Energy: Developing the Eagle Ford—Oil, NGL and condensate opportunities lift Eagle Ford Shale activity

Leasing and drilling activity are gaining due to prospects for producing higher-priced liquids in addition to dry gas.
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