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What industry leaders expect in 2011

What industry leaders expect in 2011: Amid uncertainty in the Gulf and an onshore renaissance in the shales, World Oil’s editorial advisors offer their predictions and advice for the year ahead.


Drilling hazard management: Integrating mitigation methods

Part 3 of 3: Many drilling hazards can be mitigated or avoided using casing or liner drilling, managed pressure drilling or solid expandable liner technologies.

Innovative designs, equipment advances and newbuilds

Guide to New Rigs & Rig Floor Equipment 2010: Innovative designs, equipment advances and newbuilds (Part 1 of 4)

New Rig Design

Vol. 231 No. 12 GUIDE TO NEW RIGS AND RIG FLOOR EQUIPMENT 2010 New Rig Design Quiet, easy-to-move rigs for European markets KCA Deutag and its sister company Bentec have introduced several new rigs to the European onshore market that are quieter than other rigs,

Newbuild Report

Guide to New Rigs and Rig Floor Equipment 2010: Newbuild Report. (Part 4 of 4)

Rig Floor Equipment

Guide to New Rigs and Rig Floor Equipment 2010: Rig Floor Equipment (Part 2 of 4)

Marcellus groundwater claims: A case for scientifically informed decisions

Claims of water well contamination need to be evaluated based on modeling of potential pathways of contaminants, sampling methods used and several other technical criteria.

SHALE ENERGY: Developing International Plays-Design and execution of effective hydraulic fracturing taps first shale gas reserves in India

Datafrac testing and mini-falloff analysis aided in the design of frac jobs to produce gas from shale in a field with well-established conventional oil production.

SHALE ENERGY: Developing International Plays-Shale search goes global

Energy-hungry countries throughout the world are beginning embryonic efforts to replicate the success of US shale plays.

SHALE ENERGY: Developing International Plays-The state of shale plays in Europe

The state of shale plays in Europe


Companies in the news

Companies in the news

Drilling advances

Don’t count out aluminum drill pipe just yet

Editorial comment

Change in the right direction

Innovative thinkers

Chilean miner rescue: The drilling team that defied all odds 

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

The energy boom that might boomerang

What’s new in exploration

End of the rainbow

What's new in production

Everything you know is wrong, unless it isn’t

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Industry at a glance

Oil markets turned significantly stronger in October on higher-than-expected demand, lower OECD inventories and a weaker dollar.

Meetings and Events

Meetings and Events

New products

New Products and Services

People in industry

People in industry

World of Oil and Gas

Anadarko makes postsalt discovery offshore Brazil


Embedding the aviation mindset in the oil and gas industry

GE Oil & Gas President and CEO Claudi Santiago’s vision is to raise the safety and reliability standards of oilfield equipment to those of the airline industry.