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Special Focus

Cleaning up the desert in Kuwait

The scale of the problem of earthen pits in Kuwait—millions of barrels—together with a variable content of the sludge makes for a challenging task.

Drilling fluids and waste management developments expose challenges of advancing technology

Successfully navigating regulatory barriers allows synthetic-based mud to enhance deepwater production.

Environment a priority in rig fleet's fire safety selection

Faced with increasingly tough environmental and safety regulations, drilling company GlobalSantaFe studied many alternatives to find a greener fire protection system.

Safety in marine personnel transport leaps forward

Transferring people by crane from a vessel to a platform or drillship has always been dangerous. New technology combined with a whole-system approach can lead to dramatic reductions in injury.

Seismic acquisition vs. marine life: An update

Regulations to mitigate the effects of exploration on whales and other species have evolved rapidly, while research tries to identify those effects and to better detect whales.


Fifty years and still going strong

Don DePugh recently achieved a record here at Gulf Publishing: 50 continuous years of service.

Helicopter survey aids remediation of produced water-contaminated aquifer

Airborne surveys mapped conductivity to help USGS researchers find areas of high salinity in and near East Poplar oil field in northeastern Montana.

Special Report

... And I say to myself, what a wonderful world (at least for now anyway)

When one considers $90 oil, $8 gas, two consecutive, non-eventful hurricane seasons and dropping service prices, it is difficult for independents playing in the GOM to say many bad things about 2007.

Active year in UK continental shelf amid market and legislative uncertainties

The year 2007 has been another active year in the UK Continental Shelf

Energy security and America

Energy security is a front-of-mind issue for the people of the world.

Enhancing global recovery requires more than technology

While there is a lot of oil left in reservoirs, demand remains high.

Law of the Sea Convention membership vital to US energy market

Last month, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 17-4 in favor of US ratification of the Law of the Sea Convention.

New Rig Designs: Compact RCR series rigs work in the city, swamp or desert

Dietswell has developed the RCR series, a new drilling concept adapted to tropical and desert conditions.

New Rig Designs: Rack and pinion design enables rig to perform extended-reach laterals at shallow depths

Horizontal Well Drillers (HWD) has deployed its second-generation drilling rig this October.

New Rig Designs: Shell and Frontier joint venture to build the “Bully" drillship

Shell and Frontier will build and roll out a new drillship concept, known as the “Bully” rig.

New Rig Designs: Skidding rigs for pad drill sites

IDM’s new QUICKSKID Rigs are integrated AC drilling systems designed with a focus on pad drilling locations with multiple wellheads

New Rig Designs: Transport features enable land rig mobility over desert terrain

Bentec’s Nomad-Class rig, jointly developed with international drilling contractor KCA DEUTAG is a new land rig designed for desert terrain conditions.

Newbuild Report: High oil prices continue to fuel the offshore rig construction boom

Semisubmersible demand is strong, but jackup owners face a more challenging environment.

Newbuild Report: Rig building continues in onshore and offshore markets

Marine rigs begin long-term contracts, while land rigs shift to shorter contracts as utilization softens.

Oil prices driving companies to invest in new Barnett Shale-like plays

Oil prices are again one of the hottest topics in our industry today.

Optimism from supply growth and more LNG dampened by politics, the low dollar

Crude oil should have another solid year in 2008 as long as prices don’t go too high, too fast and crater global demand.

Rig Floor Equipment: AC VFD power system enables efficient rig power distribution

Over the last 15 years, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) have helped operators optimize power distribution for drilling and production equipment.

Rig Floor Equipment: Easy offline capabilities for conventional rigs

The Derrick Stand Building (DSB) System developed by ODS International can be retrofitted to virtually any rig mast or derrick configuration

Rig Floor Equipment: Generators designed for land-based drilling

Cummins Inc. introduced its Tier 2 QSK38 and QSK50 Drilling Power Modules.

Rig Floor Equipment: Logan Oil Tools' power swivel with offshore package designed for workover and fishing operations

The newly engineered PS120 is a hydraulic motor-driven, 120-ton power swivel that provides shock-free torque.

Rig Floor Equipment: M-I SWACO introduces meerkat pt dual-motion shaker

M-I SWACO has introduced its patented MEERKAT PT dual-motion shale shaker that is ideally suited for drilling rigs and separation operations where space is at a premium.

Rig Floor Equipment: Proprietary face seals prolong washpipe system's life

National Oilwell Varco (NOV), in alliance with Deublin Company, manufacturer of precision rotating unions, has designed the next generation of washpipe systems.

Rig Floor Equipment: Quintuplex mud pump enables efficient transfer to hydraulic horsepower

The Ellis Williams Engineering Company (EWECO) is on the verge of showcasing its next generation of pumps

Rig Floor Equipment: Remotely operated make break system

The T-WREX make-up break-out system from Hawk Industries, Inc. is an innovative design that incorporates the features of its HAWKJAW system

Rig Floor Equipment: Top drive's ac motor eliminates gearbox problems

LeTourneau Technologie (LTI) Drilling Systems (formerly LEWCO) designed the DirectDrive line, its new top drive system requiring no gearbox.

Rig Floor Equipment: Versatile tongs' three-jaw gripping system minimizes tool joint damage

Weatherford’s TorkWrench tong provides up to 100,000 ft-lb (136 kN-m) of torque for the toughest makeup and breakout jobs.

Service companies must adapt to changing IOC and NOC needs

High oil prices and high demand for energy services do not make life easy for service companies

The new energy crisis

The year 2007 surged ahead on a number of levels and set many new records.

World Oil's editorial advisors analyze upstream results for 2007, forecast activity and issues for 2008

Vol. 228 No. 12   WHAT THE INDUSTRY EXPECTS IN 2008 What the industry expects in 2008 The year 2007 has been extr


Drilling advances

Energy rationing?

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The American peso

Exploration discoveries

Total made a new oil discovery in the Mer Tres Profonde Sud Block, offshore Republic of Congo in 6,955 ft of water.

Oil and gas in the capitals

A new Mideast energy vision

What's new in exploration

Peaking in tongues

What's new in production

Biosurfactants at work

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Vol. 228 No. 12   According to the IEA, world oil supply increased by 1.4 million barrels a da

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Vol. 228 No. 12   Meeting & events   JANUARY PWS (Produced Water Society), 18th Annual Seminar, Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake, Houston, TX,

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