March 2006 ///

Special Focus

Casing directional drilling is ready to go offshore

Problems with steerable motors in CDD have been solved onshore with rotary steerable systems. Now, this will be tried offshore.

Casing while drilling "smear effect" improves wellbore stability

Non-productive time in the Lobo trend was overcome by using a CWD method that cut down lost circulation problems dramatically.


Distinct variations of managed pressure drilling exhibit application potential

Per IADC definitions, specific variations of MPD can overcome pressure problems and other drilling challenges that had made some operators' prospects undrillable.

Planning and executing a drilling fluids strategy for a world-record well

A well was drilled to 26,695 ft in the Gulf of Mexico, using a synthetic compliant drilling fluid that counteracted temperature and pressure effects.

Recent advances in LWD/ MWD and formation evaluation

Developments profiled include wireline and while-drilling logging, auto-tuning NMR technology, radial acoustic measurements and 3D digital core evaluation.

Tubing rotation system proves successful in extending well life

System usage can improve the profitability threshold in marginal wells.

Using high-resolution seismic for carbonate reservoir description

An integrated approach charcterized Mesozoic carbonate reservoirs, and a study generated well locations and their drilling order offshore Mexico.

Special Report

Deepwater Technology: Understanding wax problems leads to deepwater flow assurance solutions

Pigging and treating rules-of-thumb are derived from lab interpretation


Drilling advances

Snubbing units can be rigs of choice

Editorial Comment

Five energy myths

International Politics

Venezuela snipes at the US while Bolivia goes radical

What's new in exploration

Mysteries of the deep ocean floor

News & Resources

Companies in the news

Vol. 227 No. 3  Schlumberger acquired a minority share in Packers Plus Energy Services, a Canadian-based completions company. In addition, Schlumberger has exclusive ri

Industry at a glance

Vol. 227 No. 3   IEA revised their estimated global oil demand for 2006 at 85.1 million bpd. Chinese demand in 2006 is st

New products

Vol. 227 No. 3  Hover barge for wetlands Hovertrans, Inc. has developed the world’s largest hover barge (air-cushion barge). Capable of a 330-t

People in industry

Vol. 227 No. 3  Varel International appointed Ron Mayo as the company’s new Gulf Coast regional manager. In this role, Mayo will be responsible for managing the oper

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