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Special Focus

Causes of underground blowouts

Drilling personnel must learn to identify common underground blowout causes, to develop effective control and prevention methods.

Remote equalization device saves recovery costs for operator

Especially helpful in highly deviated wells, a remote, intelligent equalization device allows maximum pressure testing flexibility without tricky retrieval problems.

Unconventional coiled tubing operation restores a Brunei offshore well

Faced with a seized gate valve in the closed position, the operator employed a pioneering milling operation to restore health to an offshore well.

Unique intervention safeguards platform after kick-induced gas broach

Following a seabed gas broach under an offshore platform, a relief well intersection technique protected the platform and replaced a severed production well.


Deepwater Technology: TSBR, an alternative solution to bundled hybrid riser designs

In HP/HT offshore wells, a top sliding bundle riser can eliminate submarine flexible risers.

Special Report

2006 Tubing Reference Guide

<I>World Oil's</I>reference guide to production tubing and tubing couplings to 5-in. OD. This guide gives connection dimensions, steel grades and coupling type. Connection manufacturers’ contact information is also provided.

Deepwater Technology: Business-risk management: An essential tool

Operators designing technically complex deepwater projects at great expense should utilize good planning, financial prudence and mitigation strategies.

Petroleum Technology Digest: Coiled tubing, horizontal underbalanced drilling has advantages in British Columbia

Reasons for using this method in underpressured, compartmentalized carbonate reservoirs include operational ease, safety and reduced damage.


Drilling advances

You, too, can save large sums of money on well control

Editorial Comment

ANWR spin; The fire below

International Politics

CNOOC's exploits illustrate the fungible vs. security argument

What's new in production

Better, more durable downhole batteries are needed

What's new in exploration

Predicting earthquakes; GOM review

News & Resources

Companies in the news

Vol. 227 No. 1  Boots &amp; Coots International Well Control, Inc., has agreed to acquire the hydraulic well control business of Oil States International, Inc. With 200

Industry at a glance

Vol. 227 No. 1   Weak performance in the third and fourth quarters, due partially to warm weather and hurricane disruptio

New products

Vol. 227 No. 1  Rock and fluid characterization Schlumberger has introduced its Scanner family of wireline measurements to overcome many of the limitations of

People in industry

Vol. 227 No. 1  BJ Process and Pipeline Services has created a new global business development group reporting to Andy Barden, division technical manager. Based in Housto

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