July 2004 ///

Special Focus

Close tolerance liner drilling and requirements for deepwater

Components for this evolutionary type of drilling have been designed, built and tested onshore to simulate most aspects of offshore usage.

Deep-Shelf and ultra-deep well challenges

Deep drilling projects are finding reserves in new offshore frontiers.

Falcon Corridor designed with future small fields in mind

Flexibility was built into a deepwater, subsea tie-back scheme.


Advanced OCTG topics for critical service, deepwater wells

Demands on tubulars require more attention to critical design and inspection.

Aggressive fracturing slashes turbulence

Extensive hydraulic fracturing is necessary to combat strong turbulence that can occur in high-permeability, high-deliverability gas wells.

Are the new composites better than steel?

A wide range of applications and a new draft standard are just two reasons why the material is gaining acceptance throughout the global upstream industry.

Expandable technology and application growth continues

Six companies have submitted reviews of recent innovations or improvements.

Expandables and the monodiameter well: Status report

Achieving the goal of a single-diameter well is still not that easy.

Improved fracturing avoids proppant flowback

A new predictive methodology can help assess, reduce and prevent the occurrence of this unwelcome condition after frac jobs in tight gas completions.

Managing OCTG supply and delivery

Operators can become very unhappy when they have people and rigs waiting on pipe, yet the OTCG management process has hardly changed in decades.

Petroleum Technology Digest: Water control becomes attractive to L.A. basin operators

Operators identified water control methods that paid off quickly.

Vertical hydrophone arrays solve transition zone challenges

Ghosting during data processing is nearly eliminated by a new method.


Drilling advances

Offshore spending boost predicted; new carbon drill pipe

Editorial Comment

Lies, damn lies and harbor spies, Part 1

International Politics

Russian efficiency gains could free up exports

What's new in production

Recovery chemical tested; UK rounds succeed

What's new in exploration

Lies, damn lies and harbor spies, Part 2

News & Resources

Companies in the news

Vol. 225 No. 7  For its 30-year commitment to the organization, ExxonMobil was presented with NACME's (National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering) 2004 Corporate

Industry at a glance

Vol. 225 No. 7   Sabotage in the Middle East continues to contribute to higher crude prices and political instability. Ho

New products

Vol. 225 No. 7  Geographic text search MetaCarta has introduced the geOdrive geographic text search solution to help knowledge workers locate unstr

People in industry

Vol. 225 No. 7  Tulsa-based Latigo Petroleum, Inc. has added several industry veterans to its Midland district office. Bill Siruta was named exploration manager for the

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