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Special Focus

How well control equipment is advancing to meet deepwater needs

Part 1 - Deepwater drilling has prompted many equipment changes. Examples of riser tensioners, torque tools, diverters, fill-up valves are shown

Snubbing workover of a subsea well under pressure proves concept

Here's how a unique rig-up of a snubbing unit on a floater provided complete well control during clean-out and flow test operations

Trends extracted from 1,200 Gulf Coast blowouts during 1960 - 1996

Comprehensive analysis of reports from four U.S. gulf Coast states and OCS includes data handling procedures, well control failure causes

Underbalanced operations: Available research/ training opportunities

An overview of Gas Research Institute supported industry work leading to preparation of an underbalanced drilling manual and a short course


A well-service pump with a new dimension

Drilling contractor and service company team up to test compact quintuplex well service pump in drilling/ MWD logging applications

Harding field: A North Sea success story

Part 4 – How using pressure-while-drilling data optimized the drilling process when downhole dynamics were difficult to obtain or interpret

Russia's E&P sector undergoes a slow transition

The Russian upstream industry is trying to recover and opportunities abound; but politics and capital shortages remain major hurdles

Technology at work: Proven new technologies for offshore/ onshore applications

Asgard field riser buoyancy * Offshore H2S removal system * Deepwater multi-function barge concept * Single-pile platform for marginal fields * Poly lining for high-pressure injection piping

Special Report

World Oil's Fluids '98: Classification of fluid systems

Exclusive annual listing shows trade names, generic descriptions, recommended usage and suppliers of 3,000 fluid systems/additives for drilling / completion/ workover, as offered by 125 companies


New equipment

New literature



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Editorial Comment

Beware the eagles . . . and politicians


OTC proves that offshore sector remains healthy

Oil and gas in Washington

Congress temporarily blocks MMS's royalty valuation definition change

What's happening in drilling

Offshore drilling markets steady in March

What's happening in exploration

Double discovery adjacent to Prudhoe Bay

What's happening in production

1998's not bad, 1997 was just too good

What's happening offshore

Safer tankers, Baldpate development, IPAA initiatives

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