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Regional Report: Gulf of Mexico

Mike Slaton, Contributing Editor

A deepwater pulse keeps the Gulf in business, as low prices wreak havoc

East Canada stays the course in navigating offshore development

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

While most portions of North America have seen E&P activity shrink to levels that are a fraction of what they were two years ago, work in Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia, continues to move forward, due, in part, to long lead times and very promising geology.

Wired drill pipe delivers 4.25 rig days of net savings

Brian Van Burkleo, Reina Teelken, NOV

The implementation of wired drill pipe (WDP) telemetry on the Martin Linge project was proven successful with quantified time savings and the use of two new technologies, the dual integrated reamer and the seismic-while-drilling tool.

Accelerated production improves shale well economics

Josh Jolly, Theo Baughn, Southwestern Energy; Gene Little, Experitec; Terry Cox, Al Majek, Emerson–Remote Automation Solutions

Low natural gas prices have placed production economics under ever-increasing scrutiny. The rapid decline rates of unconventional wells challenge operators to maximize returns over a short period. One solution has been realized, by means of improved management of the free-flow cycle of gas wells, through the application of surface automation.

What’s new in well logging and formation evaluation

Stephen Prensky, Consultant, Silver Spring, Maryland

This review is based on published technical papers and publicly available literature. The author does not endorse any specific technologies or service providers. The logging systems may be available as commercial services, or still in development and testing phases.

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What's new in production

Don Francis

Reel time

What's new in exploration

William (Bill) Head

“Exploration is critical to deepwater development”

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