Mariner jacket sets sail for North Sea field

August 25, 2015
The jacket for the Mariner platform left the Dragados yard in Cádiz, Spain, on Aug 10, after two years of construction, heading for Mariner field in the UK sector of the North Sea.

Shell Global Solutions: An interview with independent economist Andy Xie

August 12, 2015
A thought-provoking interview with economist Andy Xie, sharing his views on global energy consumption, succeeding in a low-margin environment and attracting new talent to the oil industry by Shell Global Solutions V.P. Christophe Boulanger.

Shah Deniz 2 progress

August 12, 2015
Shah Deniz Stage 2 will be one of the largest gas developments in the world and help increase European energy security by bringing Caspian gas resources to markets in Europe for the very first time. Watch this video from BP to see how the project is progressing.

Drillmec: Flying tour of Italian yard

August 11, 2015
Drillmec takes viewers on an airborne tour of the company's yard in Italy.

Weatherford's Revolution RSS -- here's how it work

July 30, 2015
Weatherford’s Revolution rotary-steerable system (RSS), provides industry leading temperature pressure and dogleg capabilities in a range of sizes. In this video, Weatherford explains how it works.
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