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Saudi supply disruption puts the 630-MMbbl U.S. oil reserve in play

Energy Secretary Rick Perry is ready to draw down stocks from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve “to offset any disruptions to oil markets as a result of this act of aggression,” his spokeswoman said. Perry also ordered officials to work with the International Energy Agency on possible options for coordinated action.

South Africa revives plan to take free stake in energy projects

South Africa’s government is drafting a new law that aims at securing it a free stake in all new oil and gas ventures, revising the terms of a proposal shelved four years ago. Oil and gas companies that have secured exploration rights have held back on costly drilling while they await clarity from the government on the commercial terms.

Trump administration paves way for Arctic drilling rights sale

The Trump administration on Thursday took a major step toward auctioning oil drilling rights across every acre of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s coastal plain, hours after the House of Representatives voted to outlaw the activity.

API gathers experts to highlight global benefits of U.S. LNG exports

“U.S. natural gas is meeting growing American energy needs, and at the same time, U.S. LNG exports are improving global conditions and reducing emissions by spreading the benefits of abundant energy to our allies around the world,” said API president and CEO Mike Sommers.

BSEE approves deepwater spill response single-vessel solution technology

Production Technology and Services announced the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement deems the PTS-supplied temporary processing equipment suitable for use as a part of HWCG’s single vessel solution, according to the company.

House to vote on barring Arctic drilling to squeeze GOP in 2020

The House is poised to vote Thursday to again bar oil and gas drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, as Democrats seek to put Republicans on the record on tough environmental issues for the 2020 election.

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The time has come for an Appalachian Storage Hub

House Democrats seek to block oil drilling along U.S. coasts

The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote Wednesday on two proposals for limiting drilling in U.S. coastal waters, including an effort to permanently ban rigs near Florida, as Democrats seek to demonstrate their opposition to fossil fuels and emphasize Republicans’ sustained support for oil.

Voters deliver warning to Norway’s oil industry

Parties that want to rein in the country’s golden goose made significant gains in Monday’s local elections. That raises the prospect of more advances for those forces that want to limit drilling in the Nordic nation, which supplies 25% of the European Union’s natural gas.

Refinery exec sees European plants halting after IMO 2020 kicks in

Multiple oil refineries in Europe will be too unprofitable to continue trading once the industry has dealt with sweeping new rules governing shipping fuel that start next year, according to an executive at a UK plant.

UK shale gas driller mulling sale due to fracing challenges

Investors backing closely-held Cuadrilla Resources, which pioneered UK shale gas drilling before becoming mired in red tape, are exploring options including an outright sale of the company.

FlyLogix, Total launch North Sea drone initiative

The project aims to overcome the challenges associated with drone inspection activities in the North Sea and allow commercial operators of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles easier access to UK controlled airspace for beyond visual line of sight operations.

Equinor pledges to clean up Bahamas oil spill

In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian there are reports of widespread devastation across the Bahamas. Equinor says it will clean up the spills from the South Riding Point oil terminal. Resources are being mobilized as quickly as possible to safeguard people, the environment and the facility.

IPAA endorses Trump administration’s natural gas and oil production regulatory revision

"IPAA has consistently believed and recommended that a VOC-based program is the appropriate pathway for regulating natural gas and oil production emissions," said IPAA executive vice president Lee Fuller.

Canadian regulators, producers scrutinize Enbridge’s oil-shipping plan

Enbridge’s proposed shift to long-term crude shipping contracts on its Mainline pipeline network is drawing the ire of a growing number of producers, and now Canada’s energy regulator is getting involved, which could delay the process.

Trump’s EPA to propose retreat on methane rules for oil wells

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is set to unveil a proposal that would step back from federal regulation specifically targeting methane emissions at oil and gas facilities, potentially staving off requirements for a million existing U.S. wells.

Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission rejects the “Green New Deal”

The Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) this week passed Railroad Commission Chairman Wayne Christian's (R - Texas) resolution urging the federal government to oppose the Green New Deal in the spirit of cooperative federalism.

World’s largest tanker starts 12,400-mile journey to meet IMO regulations

The world’s biggest oil tanker has begun a 12,400-mile voyage to a fuel-storage zone in Asia, the latest movement of a vessel that’s intrigued the shipping market and fuel traders for months.

EPA plans to end methane emission rules that oil companies want to keep

The Trump administration is readying a plan to end direct federal regulation of methane leaks from oil and gas facilities, even as some energy companies insist they don’t want the relief.

API addresses industry, regulatory concerns with new bolting standards

API TR 21TR1 seeks to address industry and regulatory concerns regarding connector bolts in all equipment deployed in offshore and other oil and natural gas exploration and production.