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Schlumberger introduces GeoSphere 360 3D reservoir mapping-while-drilling service

Schlumberger announced at the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) the introduction of the GeoSphere 360* 3D reservoir mapping-while-drilling service.

Energy seismic technology deployed in Antarctica ahead of potential use on distant icy moons

Scientists have deployed a network of seismometers onto Antarctica’s Brunt Ice Shelf in an experiment which will test the ability of the instruments to operate on icy moons of the Solar System.

OZ Lifting launches spark resistant products

OZ Lifting has launched two spark resistant products—a chain hoist and push beam trolley—both available from 0.5-ton to 10-ton capacity.

GEODynamics introduces data analytics tool to predict proppant and fluid flow

GEODynamics, a global technology and manufacturing leader in perforating, downhole completion, intervention, and wireline conveyed solutions, introduced its new StageCoach™ data analytics modeling solution.