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Fugro has enhanced IRM capability with new ROV support vessel

Fugro is set to commence its first project using new multipurpose ROV support vessel, Edda Sun, with mobilization for the IRM contract planned for March 2019.

High Speed Transfers, Damen have agreed to third FCS 2710 vessel

Damen and High Speed Transfers Ltd (HST) have signed a contract for a third FCS 2710 fast crew supply vessel, for delivery in September this year.

Pragma's Downhole Steam Injection Valve takes next step towards North Sea reality

Aberdeen-based oil and gas production technology business, Pragma Well Technology, has been given the green light by Pharis Energy and OGTC to progress with the manufacture and prototype testing of their Downhole Steam Injection Valve (DSIV) following a successful feasibility study.

New products and services

Michele Cowart, World Oil

Hardide Coatings has developed the Hardide CVD (chemical vapor deposition), a coating solution that extends weather windows for drilling operations.

Engineered Polymer Technologies has introduced new string-reinforced LLDPE

To meet the growing demand for Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) by geomembrane fabricators and installers, EPT has announced a string-reinforced LLDPE fabric with the specific properties required for these types of applications. LLDPE has been in increasing demand due to its superior flexibility and better layflat versus High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

24-Fiber ‘quick’ connectors provide optimum solution for multi-channel fiber in explosive atmospheres

A quick and easy solution can speed the certification of fiber optic cabling installed in explosive atmospheres including caustic marine environments.

Siemens offers industrialized 3D printing for complex challenges

With the opening of the new state-of-the-art 3D printing facility at Materials Solutions Ltd. in the U.K., Siemens is continuing to drive the industrialization of additive manufacturing (AM).

New products and services

Michele Cowart, World Oil

New products and services

ABB has launched remotely operated passenger ferry

Ice-class passenger ferry Suomenlinna II was remotely piloted through test area near Helsinki harbor, proving that human oversight of vessels from anywhere is achievable with today’s technologies

Lloyd’s Register unveils AllAssets to digitalize inspection and maintenance

Delivering operational efficiencies and reducing costs is now a reality for industry.

Webtool develops subsea pipeline decommissioning tool

Hydraulic subsea tools specialist, Webtool, is developing a Fast Intervention Tool for subsea pipeline decommissioning in conjunction with Chevron Energy Technology Company.

PermianChain Technologies introduces blockchain network to improve investment

PermianChain Technologies is introducing the Permian Token (XPR), a crypto asset-class that will underpin holding rights to the value of potential but undeveloped oil and gas reserves.

Enpro Subsea and Kosmos Energy commit to subsea ‘smart standardization’ in GoM

Enpro Subsea has announced that it has reached an MSA with Kosmos Energy aimed at providing enhanced subsea architecture and smart standardization via Enpro’s patented flow access module (FAM) technology.

Nissan Chemical's nanoActiv EFT increases initial oil and gas production

Nissan Chemical America Corporation (NCA) introduces enhanced flowback technology (EFT) to complement its existing line of nanoActiv products.

Packers Plus creates the Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve, replacing two tools

The latest innovation from Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. brings simplicity and reliability to operators for stimulating the first stage of oil and gas wells.

New products and services

Michele Cowart, World Oil

Schlumberger has launched the CemFIT Shield mud-sealing cement system to address the challenges due to fluid communication behind casing.

OMS: Proof of concept to commercialization

Caleb Smathers, Greg Hallahan, John Sabey, ProSep

Osorb Media Systems (OMS) have been under development and improvement for 13 years, with extensive engineering and commercialization over the last eight years. During that time, many applications were successfully identified and proven via laboratory and field tests.

Weatherford unveils technology to transform well construction

Weatherford International plc has introduced Vero automated connection integrity, which applies artificial intelligence to minimize safety risks and validate well integrity with absolute certainty.

Teledyne CARIS releases enhanced tools for lidar surveys

Teledyne CARIS has announced the release of Bathy DataBASE 5.2, which introduces enhanced tools for validating and creating chart features from lidar surveys, as well as new bathymetry compilation techniques.

Siemens completes shallow water test of subsea power grid

Siemens has successfully concluded the first phase of its subsea power grid shallow water test in Trondheim, Norway.