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The last barrel

Craig Fleming, World Oil

Hope for the Canadian oil industry?

Chevron’s LNG exit adds to roster of companies walking away from Canadian energy

The U.S. oil giant called time on its Kitimat LNG plant on Wednesday, saying it plans to sell its 50% stake and that the project “will not be funded by Chevron and may be of higher value to another company.”

Canadian gas drillers pursue plan for floating LNG project

Rockies LNG Partners, a group of Canadian natural gas drillers seeking new markets for their production, is considering building an export project on barges floating off the coast of British Columbia.

Lease agreement brings Transocean Barents to Bull Arm Fabrication site

Nalcor Energy – Bull Arm Fabrication has signed an agreement with DF Barnes that will have the Site play host to the ultra-deepwater semi-submersible drill rig, Transocean Barents, as it readies for further exploration work offshore Newfoundland in 2020.

Noia fall seminar points to bright future for Canadian offshore exploration

"We see many prospects that have the potential to hold billions of barrels of oil. There are probably two dozen prospects HIbernia-size or bigger," said Jim Keating, executive vice president, offshore development and corporate services at Nalcor Energy.

Canadian oil & gas association questions federal parties on offshore policies

In the context of Noia’s Imagine the Potential campaign and data released through its industry economic impact report, Noia believes it is imperative for the political parties to provide information on how they will ensure the industry is able to reach its potential and provide significant benefits to all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians and Canadians.

Assessment reveals significant oil and gas potential offshore Newfoundland

“In just 9% of our offshore, we have a combined resource potential of 52.2 Bbbl oil and 199.6 Tcf gas. We have over 650 leads and prospects identified to date, and $4 billion in recent exploration work commitments," said the Honorable Siobhan Coady, Canada's Minister of Natural Resources.

Oceaneering tapped to decommission seven gas platforms offshore Canada

The decommissioning project comprises seven offshore gas platforms located approximately 135 nautical miles east of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on the edge of the Scotian Shelf.

CGG awarded offshore Eastern Canada imaging project by BHP

In line with its continued investments in high-end imaging technology, supercomputing capacity and digitalization, CGG will employ its FWI and least-squares migration algorithms over the entire survey area of more than 10,000 km².

Hibernia production halted again following spill

“The nature and frequency of these incidents in our offshore area are obviously concerning,” said Scott Tessier, CEO of the Canada - Newfoundland & Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board.

Husky to resume full production at White Rose offshore Newfoundland

Husky Energy announced it will resume production from the remaining two drill centers shut in following a November 2018 oil spill offshore Newfoundland and Labrador.

Canadian petroleum agency approves Hibernia platform restart following spill

The Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board issued approval to Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd. to resume production operations at the Hibernia platform.

Innovation continues to pull Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore sector forward

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Activity may pick up to near-record levels in the next several years, as the province continues to encourage technical innovation.

TGS, PGS partner with Bain Geophysical to create crustal study offshore East Canada

Building on their decade-long partnership for Eastern Canada seismic/gravity surveys, TGS and PGS have announced a partnership with Bain Geophysical Services to create a new regional study of the crust offshore Newfoundland and Labrador.

TGS, PGS announce Jeanne d’Arc HD3D project offshore Newfoundland

TGS and PGS announce the Jeanne d’Arc High Density 3D (HD3D) multi-client project offshore Newfoundland, East Canada.

ION expands 2D multi-client program offshore Newfoundland

ION Geophysical Corporation has announced an expansion to the Company's 2D multi-client program offshore Newfoundland, Canada.

OTC: Canadian officials tout massive potential

Don’t forget that Canada is a major source of oil and gas, and an extremely reliable place to do business was the message put forth at OTC on Monday by officials from several jurisdictions in the country.

MCEDD 2019 paves the way to realizing a future of increasing demand

Emily Querubin, World Oil

Gulf Quest LLC, a Gulf Energy Information and Quest Offshore JV, is hosting this year’s 16th annual Marine, Construction & Engineering Deepwater Development (MCEDD) conference on April 2–4, at London’s Novotel London West hotel. Once again, attendees can expect to hear about the latest advances in the engineering, development and production of oil and gas in deepwater and ultra-deepwater fields around the globe.

Canada expects a quiet, flat year for E&P activity

Robert Curran, Contributing Editor

A year ago, things appeared to be looking up for Canada’s oil patch, but that proved unfounded. In early 2019, more uncertainty and pessimism are in the air, and little on the horizon provides hope for improvement.

Major storm shuts all of Eastern Canada's crude oil production

A huge low-pressure system that swept through Canada’s Atlantic seaboard last week shut all of the region’s oil production. Only one field has restarted service in the storm’s wake, while another is battling an oil leak.