BW Energy confirms “substantial” oil discovery offshore Gabon following Hibiscus drilling campaign

June 03, 2024

(WO) – BW Energy has now concluded the drilling and the logging of the DHIBM-7P pilot well, confirming a substantial oil discovery with good reservoir quality and a material uplift to the Hibiscus area offshore Gabon.

Source: Borr Drilling

BW Energy’s preliminary evaluation indicates an increase in Hibiscus gross recoverable reserves (mid-case) of approximately 8 MMbbl of oil to 12 MMbbl of oil. The company plans to complete the well as a development well later in 2024.

The DHIBM-7P pilot was drilled from the MaBoMo production platform to a total depth of 3,941 m. The target area is located approximately 1.5 km north-northwest of the MaBoMo and was drilled by the Borr Norve jack-up rig.

Notably, the hydrocarbon column extends across the boundary between the Gamba and the underlying Dentale formation. This is the first example of a common Gamba-Dentale hydrocarbon accumulation in the Hibiscus field offshore Gabon.

The current operation in Dussafu is to complete the development well (DHBSM-2H) in the northern flank of the Hibiscus South field that was recently successfully appraised.

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