PETRONAS expands Suriname’s resource potential with third offshore oil and gas discovery

May 15, 2024

(WO) – PETRONAS Suriname E&P B.V., a subsidiary of PETRONAS, has made a third oil and gas discovery in Block 52 at the Fusaea-1 exploration well in Suriname’s Block 52, about 170 km offshore and 9 km east from the Roystonea-1 discovery.

The well was spudded in Feb 2024 and successfully drilled to a total depth of 5,227 m with zero (0) LTI, encountering several oil and gas-bearing Campanian sandstone reservoir packages.

Further evaluation is being undertaken to determine the full extent of this offshore discovery and its potential for an integrated development with the recent Roystonea-1 and Sloanea-1 discoveries.

PETRONAS Vice President of Exploration, Mohd Redhani Abdul Rahman said, “The success of Fusaea-1 is a testament to the advancements in our geological comprehension of this region, bolstered by recent breakthrough in Roystonea-1 and Sloanea-1. These discoveries have significantly expanded the prospectivity and integrated oil and gas development potential within Block 52.  In pursuit of sustainable and high-value material resource, PETRONAS remains committed in its exploration activities in selected focus regions as part of its portfolio rationalization efforts.”

Block 52, which is offshore and covers an area of 4,749 square km, is north of the coast of Paramaribo, Suriname’s capital city, within the prospective Suriname-Guyana basin. PETRONAS Suriname E&P is the operator of Block 52 with a 50% participating interest together with ExxonMobil.

In addition to Block 52, PETRONAS Suriname E&P operates Block 48 and Block 63 with 100% participating interest and 30% non-operating interest in Block 64.

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