Invictus Energy makes appraisal plans for Mukuyu gas-condensate discovery onshore Zimbabwe

March 13, 2024

(WO) – Invictus Energy is currently undertaking a number of planning activities as part of its appraisal of the recently-announced Mukuyu gas-condensate discovery field in the Cabora Bassa basin onshore Zimbabwe.

Source: Invictus Energy

A well test design study for Mukuyu-2 to define the optimal test parameters and the subsequent long lead equipment and mobilization plan to determine the timing for the Mukuyu-2 well test is in progress.

In conjunction with the well test design work, Invictus is currently evaluating well services contract bids for the well testing and future exploration and appraisal drilling campaigns.

The Mukuyu 3D seismic survey planning is nearing completion with the preferred contractor. 3D seismic data will assist in delineating reservoir connectivity, fault block configuration, resource volumes and future appraisal well locations.

Given the scale of the Mukuyu gas field, which has over 200km2 of structural closure, the 3D seismic will aid the selection of areas in the field for focused appraisal drilling and early development schemes.

Background. Following the natural gas discoveries from the Upper and Lower Angwa reservoirs in recently completed Mukuyu-2 / ST1 drilling campaign, Invictus reported that preliminary compositional analysis from fast-tracked downhole reservoir fluid samples has confirmed a rich gas-condensate discovery in Mukuyu.

The compositional analysis confirms high quality natural gas containing minimal impurities (less than 2% CO2 content and nil H2S) which will require minimal processing to prepare for sale to downstream customers.

Condensate gas ratios (CGR) are estimated between 14-22 barrels per million standard cubic foot (bbls/MMcfg) of gas from the Mukuyu-2 samples with a condensate API gravity of 50-60. Additional downhole reservoir fluid and mudgas samples are being processed and expected to be announced to the ASX once completed.

Further analysis is ongoing which will be integrated into the geological model across the Mukuyu field and the wider portfolio of prospects and leads in our licence area.


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